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Zaron Yeras
2/19/2004 6:42am,
I was doing an arm triangle on my friend the other day, and he immediately tapped out, and told me it hurt his neck a lot. He then showed me what he meant by doing the move on me, and it hurt my neck as well. So my question is, since the arm triangle is supposed to be a choke, is there a neck crank that is very similar to he choke, and we may be doing that instead?

2/19/2004 7:40am,
Zaron - I don't think I can exactly answer your question - but when I do the arm triangle, the person I do it on always seems to tap out from the pain. I often hear some nice cracks from their neck as I slowly apply it.

2/19/2004 10:35am,
Do you have really skinny bony forearms? People with those (like me) hurt like a fucking bastard. I remember being shown an arm triangle that put pressure on the neck. Not a full on crank, but enough to make the guy uncomfortable. I think it was with kesa gatame leg positioning with the arm across the face and pulling up on their head. I'm not sure though.

2/19/2004 10:43am,
My forearms are not really skinny or bony.

I typically do the technique when I have someone in my guard and they are pressing there forearm into mu neck, or when I am in full mount and they are pushing me away from them (and I don't feel like doing a spinning arm bar).

The pain that people feel is nothing like a neck crank however, more like a neck crush.

milwaukee cop
2/19/2004 11:13am,
lebell classifies it as a crank. hope that helps.

2/19/2004 2:03pm,
hmm I dunno. If you're putting tons of pressure on it, yeah it hurts but not really enough to tap from (people generally tap from the choke). I've only felt gnarly pain from people with skinny forearms and then driving the blade of the forearm into your neck while pushing down with all their weight. Hurts like a bastard.

2/19/2004 2:11pm,
Its a crank and a choke.

2/19/2004 2:43pm,
How does it crank? From which position?

2/21/2004 9:27am,
The Arm triangle becomes a neck crank if you haven't got your opponent's arm under the chin before you start putting it on.

If it's cranking, then it's not a good arm triangle.

2/21/2004 11:26am,
"If it's cranking, then it's not a good arm triangle."

If it gets the submission.. then its a good submission. There is nothing wrong with neck cranks.

2/21/2004 7:32pm,
Originally posted by J-Lau
"If it's cranking, then it's not a good arm triangle."

If it gets the submission.. then its a good submission. There is nothing wrong with neck cranks.

Damn straight.

Strong Machine
2/22/2004 9:30pm,
My 2 cents.
Some of long thick necks, big shoulders, some have skinny shoulders...same with arms.
When I get a REAL skinny guy in the choke there is too much space and it becomes a crank.With a real thick guy he gets the crank cause his shoulder size and thick arm dont allow the arm to get into the neck well.
HOWEVER there are sutbeties which affect the move.
If you get the hold and want the choke(strangle) as the arm wraps the neck dont grab your own bicep.
Instead you should go palm to palm for a bit and lossen your wrappinfg arms muscles...think of it as a rope.
Your other arm pulls steadily and slowly to loose the slack.
Now you get your ear TOUCHING HIS EAR.
If the ears touch he cant get his arm out buy using one of several methods to drive it upwards between your heads.
NOW you get your hand on your bicep and get your other hand behind your own head(if you cant reach get it then get it on his forehead.)
This USUALLY creates a strangle.
But the squeeze is crucial too.
If you squeeze by pulling your elbows back and contracting your triceps, while trying to bring your shoulder blades closer together, you are more likely to get a crank.
If you squeeze by trying to get your elbows as close together as possible as you inhale and push your chest out, then you are more likely to get the strangle.
I dont sweat which I get, personally.