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5/04/2010 5:08am,
Hey guys,

tomorrow is an event for the upcoming UFC Undisputed 2010 videogame from THQ. I will be conducting an interview with the german UFC fighter Dennis Siver (some of you may remember that I am a games journalist ;)). That's why I need your help. I've been scouring the forums for info on this fighter but it seems he is not well-known enough and in most threads about UFC you've been talking about other fighters even if he was on the cards. I tried to watch fights but none of the fights I found were free to view.

So, what kind of a fighter is Dennis Siver? Is he good? What's his background?

Also, are there questions that you would like to have answered? I mean, coming from both a gamer's and a fighter's perspective.

Funny side-story: THQ asked me on the phone if I wanted to go for a round of sparring and it seems I am the only journalist who wants to do it. I can't let that experience slide. The fight will probably be filmed by MTV GameOne (a german game mag on MTV).

Wish me luck and thanks for your help,

Hiro Protagonist
5/04/2010 6:46am,
Sent you a PM.:5exclaim:

5/04/2010 6:49am,
Thanks Pilgrim, much appreciated.

Now all I need is to put it in context to have a nice interview that both of the sides will understand (MA and Games)