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5/04/2010 12:34am,


I saw these in the toy isle yesterday and had a laugh. But now that I've run into them on the internet and had a moment to think...I'm not sure what i think. Everyone wants to make a buck and I try not to knock a man's hustle, but there something about these that strike me as odd. Perhaps it's the message from the UFC that it's events are intended for adults juxtaposed with a child's toy, maybe its the poses, I'm just not sure. There is even a Gina Carano, and afaik the UFC doesn't have any female fighters, and the makers of these dolls do claim to have a licensing agreement w/ the UFC. Anyway, check the link at the top to see your favorite fighter in doll form. I might buy the Kimbo doll.

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5/04/2010 12:41am,
You are overthinking this WAY too much. I have a Punisher figurine that I keep at my work station. It's all of like 4" tall and has a goofy cartoon expression on his face while holding a rocket launcher that looks like it was designed by Wile E. Coyote. I keep it there for laughs. My co-worker has a better looking Afro Samurai figurine on his desk. They're just little mascotts to personalize work space, and I imagine these seve a simular purpose.

5/04/2010 1:06am,
Do the shorts come off?

5/04/2010 2:46am,
Does Machida come with his own cup of urine that he drinks every morning?

But yeah I'm betting kids do watch MMA too, so it's not out of the ordinary to have action figures of the fighters similar to WWF. I remember seeing Houston Alexander in the toy aisle about a year ago and though that was odd because I didn't see a lot of the other more recognizable faces and champions in MMA there.