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5/02/2010 9:23pm,

The schedule for the 2010 International Swordfighting and Martial Arts Convention is now up at http://artofcombat.org/ismac/schedulepage1.htm . ISMAC features a huge range of Western martial arts classes from Bartitsu to German longsword fencing, Venezuelan stick fighting, Irish collar-end-elbow wrestling and Spanish navaja (knife) fighting. Recommended for anyone with an interest in WMA.

5/03/2010 9:30am,

Good stuff. Been going there several years myself.

I see Jared sweet-talked Ken into coming again. :)

Highly recommend this convention if you've got the disposable income (if you don't, let me plug rec violence again. hehehe).

Peace favor your sword,

Ken Pfrenger
5/03/2010 10:21am,
He didn't have to sweet talk me...I am considerably less sour this year:)

5/03/2010 12:56pm,
He didn't have to sweet talk me...I am considerably less sour this year:)That's cool.

I'm still planning on going myself. I'm trying to talk Jared into letting me do a presentation of repubbing. He seemed receptive, but you know how that stuff goes.

I'm also trying to con my guys into going as well. If Bruno is part of the party I think we might be able to stuff 5 or 6 residents in. :)

Peace favor your sword,

5/03/2010 7:10pm,

5/03/2010 7:55pm,
It's in Detroit - http://artofcombat.org/ismac/ .

9/07/2010 10:46pm,
A report on the Bartitsu classes at the recent ISMAC event - http://www.bartitsu.org/index.php/2010/09/ismac-bartitsu-2010/

9/08/2010 9:41am,
I was on the "James Loriega Track" this year. I took all three of his la canne classes de combat (6 hours), all three of his "Advanced Navaja" classes (6 hours), and his Military Truncheon class which ended up being WWII Combatives truncheon. I also went to Ken Pfrenger's "To Be Announced" class which ended up being la savate and was forced to assist in his Pugilism class (Ok, ok... I volunteered. there ya happy?).

I really enjoyed the la canne class far more than I expected and immediately applied two of the techniques which were taught in a series of Broadsword League duels with great success (I fought a total of 5 Broadsword League matches this year; which was fun but tiring). I will also be looking at some potential points of cross-over between la canne and bowie knife. His hand switching drills will be especially useful in my Bartitsu cane (la Canne Vigny) work.

Naturally a lot of the navaja stuff will directly apply to my Bowie work.

Peace favor your sword,