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2/18/2004 10:59pm,
I was looking around the internet for a Judo school somewhere in my area, and somebody mentioned to me that Cohen's Judo is a good school. But I think my eyes might be deceiving me.

Here is the link http://www.thebraveway.com/Cohens/classes.htm

$325.00 per session l:eek:

2/18/2004 11:03pm,

If you can get to Chicago, I can recommend Degerberg Academy, they teach some judo there, but it's not the main emphasis. There's also a community center where police train judo in Chicago, forgot what it's called.

Interested in any other martial arts?

Omega Supreme
2/18/2004 11:04pm,
ahhhhhh that comes out to $27 per class. I've heard of worse.

Omega Supreme
2/18/2004 11:05pm,
Take the Yearly it's not that bad compared to some.

2/18/2004 11:16pm,
I am also interested in bjj. I found 2 schools that teach bjj that are close to my house.

One I went to, was very small. They teach non contact MT/Kick boxing, they also teach jjj and bjj. They offered me a free class to see if I like it. I should be able to go there next week and check out their bjj class.

This is the second one I found, the intro is kind of funny http://www.championjiujitsu.com/.

Omega Supreme
2/18/2004 11:19pm,
Always try a free class.