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4/25/2010 11:31am,
Hello Bullshido!

I've posted and replied a few times on this forum after I got an account and I only realized today that I have yet to introduce myself. I don't really know what to write about myself so I suppose I'll start with my Martial Arts background and what I do.

I'm 21 years old and I'm Filipino. I started out doing TKD at 8 years old in South Korea when I was living there. I stopped training when I was about 15 or 16 cuz I had to move and I just wasn't happy with the coach. My mom kinda pushed me to train in TKD... I trained only under Olympic rules and my instructors were under the Kukkiwon/WTF. I have a third Poom black belt under the WTF which is basically a little kiddie blackbelt. I think everyone knows about Taekwondo enough so I'm not going to discuss it so much.

Currently I'm training in Filipino Martial Arts and the style I do is Lightning Scientific Arnis... it's not a very well known about style mostly because it did not spread until recently. Here's my group/school's website http://www.lsai.co.il/index.php?lang=en

Since the FAQ said I should share some info about the style I practice I figured that I'd give a brief description of our style:
Lightning Scientific Arnis is a system that revolves around the concept of Tercia Serrada Cadenilla y Espada y Daga which is a method of intercepting and redirecting attacks and blind-siding the opponent by going to the off-side and blanketing him with a barrage of continuous strikes while the checking hand constantly pushes, presses and controls his opponent putting him in a constant state of imbalance. In advanced practice the empty hand will be replaced by a dagger to escalate the technology eventually as the practitioner progresses through the discipline.

Anyway that's about it... I look forward to coming to this forum and helping fight the rise of cults and McDojos.

4/25/2010 5:52pm,
Welcome to the site, nice intro.
How does your style handle multiple attackers?

4/26/2010 1:26pm,
Wellcome to Bullshido.
I see your website is an Israeli place, are you training in Israel? or is it a franchise thing?
If so, than it's always good to welcome another Israeli to the site, if not than you're still welcome.

Omega Supreme
4/26/2010 11:22pm,
Fucking FOB....
I hate pinoys! You know why?
Because my mom made me gain 6 pounds this past week eating Lumpia, Adobo and Pancit!!!

4/27/2010 12:59am,
Thank you for the warm welcome. Yes we're in Israel. Currently there are classes in Tel Aviv, Haifa and in Petach Tikva. If you go on the site you can see videos of what we do.

As for multiple attackers, we follow the same basic principles as most arts: Keep one guy behind the other... And try to get your ass out of there if based on a realistic assessment of the situation you don't think you could win. Otherwise, crash in.

4/27/2010 1:00am,
Fucking FOB....
I hate pinoys! You know why?
Because my mom made me gain 6 pounds this past week eating Lumpia, Adobo and Pancit!!!

Only 6? You didn't eat enough. tsk tsk tsk.