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4/09/2010 12:15am,
Has anyone in Ottawa been to FIT MMA??

are there any reviews for that place?

4/09/2010 12:20am,
Hey guys, I'm new to this site but I basically signed up to get some help deciding which gym to train in, I've only been doing MMA for about 3 months now and I wanna start training atleast 4 times a week and take it seriously.

These 2 places have caught my attention the most, I've tried out RONIN MMA and really enjoyed it there, I'm planning on trying FIT MMA sometime next week, any helpful opinions about these 2 gyms?


4/09/2010 12:22am,
Not MABS worthy, will probably be merged in the other thread in which you have already posed the same question.

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4/09/2010 12:34am,
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4/09/2010 12:51am,
There is another one in YMAS, IiF, FYI.

4/18/2010 8:07am,
Most days I can find my ass with both hands but I can't seem to locate any other threads (in YMAS or otherwise) with info on FIT MMA.
LEO111, did you end up checking out FIT? Any comments?

4/18/2010 9:23pm,
I havent yet, I've been busy with Final Exams in school, my last one is this Wednesday, I will most likely go to FIT MMA on Wednesday and Thursday to try out their Grappling class and Muay Thai class.

I will post a new thread after I do: "FIT MMA Review"

4/18/2010 11:54pm,
I have never been to FIT MMA simply because it's name implies to me that it is more about staying in shape and I'm happy with where I train. Also, you can't go wrong with Ronin especially if Nick "The Ninja of Love" Denis's success is taken into account.

4/19/2010 9:16pm,
Fit MMA has a few notable MMA fighters. Nothing flashy while getting the job done.
I'm in the east end so unless I want to travel across the city, I think Bushido might be my best bet. What's great is that FIT doesn't have any contracts.

8/20/2011 9:18pm,
Is FitMma still a good place to train? Right now i'm thinking of trying Fitmma & N1 on Preston street.


8/22/2011 1:20pm,
FITmma is a good place for MMA. The owner Craig is the real deal and is still actively fighting and lots of fighters coming from there. N1 is an excellent place for Muay Thai (used to be Bob Carvers) not sure about their grappling, I think its run by a blue belt.

I just started training at OAMA and think its great. Renzo gracie black belt (Pat Cooligan), Muay thai instructors regularly train in Thailand (they recently had Jean-Charles Skarbowsky teaching), and Ottawa's only fighter to make it into the UFC Mark Holst. TONS of classes. Can't beat the schedule.