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4/05/2010 8:26pm,
Hello Bullshido,

I am a new member to the site, I was directed here when I looked up no-touch and low-contact knockouts on google. I guess I should introduce myself I am a 29 year old skeptic from Georgia. I currently work at an machine shop where we design machines and fixtures for aerospace and the sporting goods industries. I mostly do the electrical control design and programming.

I had about 1 year of training in ATA Taekwondo about 21 years ago. The constant kata practicing bored me and eventually I quit. After reading some of the posts here on Bullshido, I have become more interested in judo and I am currently looking for something local.

I also want to say that this site is an excellent resource for anyone even remotely considering taking up a martial art. Thanks and keep up the good work.