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4/01/2010 8:40pm,
So, its been awhile since I have done Martial Arts and I would like to get back into it again. Does anyone know a good TKD place in Montgomery County, I heard of like 20 different schools, but their websites (or lack of) kind of deters me. I did TKD when I was younger, was near Black belt. I am basically not really caring about the belt (since I forgot everything) and I am willing to start over. My old school was RMALC, there was an excellent teacher there 6th dan in TKD and had all this expertise in other arts such as gongfu, but I heard he left and was replaced by a 2nd dan instructor that wasn't very good, of course this news was a couple years back, I would like info on it as of now. Info less than 1 year old would be great, thanks.

4/02/2010 4:33pm,
Sorry for double post, but I would like to add another question:
What is the best school in Montgomery County that teaches more traditional martial arts? I am not looking for Yamaski, Evolve, or Jeff Gordon's MMA schools as for now, as I would like to get a better background before I start.
I would like a school that offers full contact sparring, or at least MORE contact sparring that the bs light/1-step/3-step crap.

4/08/2010 11:18pm,
If you are open to Tang soo do, both Kaizen Karate and Hill's Hitters Karate in Silver Spring have continuous sparring in adult classes (usually after the one-step drills and one minute drills to learn particular moves). Both are related schools and use non-traditional TSD forms (as opposed to the Tompkins Karate Association). They are not extreme contact by any means (no contact to the face, except by mistake), but full-speed and half-speed sparring with the upper belts at Kaizen can be challenging, while still controlled. I joined Kaizen a little more than a year ago, and I love it. Coach V will often spar with us. Neither are standalone gyms, but meet in community facilities. I have not found that a problem at all. I am just a purple belt, so take my rec with a grain of salt, but both are well worth checking out.

Daniel Sullivan
4/09/2010 10:01am,
Where are you in Montgomery County?

Here are some KMA schools, all in the Gaithersburg/Rockville, Ashton/Sandy Spring, and Silver Spring areas.

Kim's Traditional Studio on Redland Road, about a block off of RT.355. Kim's has an excellent reputation amongst those who I know. http://www.kim-studio.com/Locations/rockvillestudio.html

Korean Martial Arts, inc. Classes are taekwondo, hapkido, and kumdo and it is off of Gaither Road. The taekwondo program is WTF sport and is mostly kids and family classes, though from your post I doubt that that is what you are after from your post. http://www.koreanmartialartsinc.com/

Kicks Karate. Says 'karate,' but the guy that opened that chain started with Kim's Traditional studio and is doing Taekwondo of some kind. I believe that they do point/stop fighting. He is located off of Redland road about two blocks the other direction from Rt. 355. in King Farm and has another location in the Flower Hill shopping center off of RT.124. http://www.kickskarate.com/

Kang's Blackbelt Academy is in Sandy Spring off of RT.108 and is run by Mark and Mary Ann Malakoff. They say on their site that they are affiliated with the ITF, but they do not wear ITF doboks (looks MDK). http://www.kangsblackbeltacademy.com/instructors.html

King Tiger is on New Hampshire Ave. at the corner of New Hampshire and Randolph Road. I have only heard one comment about them and it was positive (simply that they were "a good school"). http://www.kingtigermd.com/

Korean Martial Arts, inc. is the only one that I have any first hand familiarity with.