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The Question
3/29/2010 1:37am,
Right, so when I walked out to "Welcome to Jamrock" by Damian Marley with one of my team mates waving the flag in the background, I thought I was in for an awesome night. No sir, not to be.

Bell rings, dude comes flying straight at me with a non threatening superman punch. For some reason, instead of moving diagonally, I move straight back and he clinches with me against the cage. Apparently somehow he had heard of Q-dot's awesome striking and decided he didn't want any part of it, or something, because he did whatever he had to to keep it out of striking range.

So we're against the cage, and he's trying all kinds of **** to no avail, my takedown defense is solid. I fire off a few short punches and short elbows from the clinch, no idea if they connect properly or not.

Then he pulls guard. I go "dude, what the ****?", as I was not expecting that ****. I throw some punches from guard, stand up in his guard, throw a couple punches, then back to knees. I stand up again, he spins and grabs a leg. Wasn't expecting that either, but I put my weight on it and defend, then sensing an opportunity, I turn to pull away, thinking I can get my leg out. For some reason, it's stuck under him, and I go "dude, what the ****?" once again. By the time I'm done with that thought he has a heel hook in deep, twists me off balance, and I have to tap, because I think I'm hearing the creaking in my knee ligaments. Two and a half minutes was how long it lasted.

And just like that, I'm 0-1 in pro MMA.

The Question
3/29/2010 1:41am,
Right, the video. OK, so I don't have tape material right now with me, because the dude who was handling my camera was more interested in taping the ring girls and other random **** than the actual fight. Thankfully, there were other cameras, so video is forthcoming.

3/29/2010 1:45am,
Any chance of vids? edit, dammit, answered before asked.

I look foward to seeing it...

Also, Welcome to Jamrock? Really?

Sucks that you lost, but i guess now you have stuff to work on. Props for getting out there, mate.

3/29/2010 1:50am,
Well done Q. Hope the knee is okay.

Did you actually say "WTF" out aloud to your opponent? Did you feel prepared for the fight and what did you weigh?

Conde Koma
3/29/2010 2:37am,
congrats on your debut, dude. it's really a 50/50 with your first fight out, just be glad it's out of the way, i suppose.

vids when you can!

3/29/2010 3:32am,
Woulda freaked the guy out more if you'd come out to I'm Shipping Up To Boston, with your buddy waving the Oirish flag behind you.

What's scarier than a 7ft Irish Jamaican?

Seriously(ish), good work on the fightin', and better luck on your future endeavours.

3/29/2010 7:26am,
what's your am record?

3/29/2010 11:24am,
TBH heel hooks and other leg attacks always scared me, last night's UFC was just a reminder. I tapped 2x in a row while going with one of Sambo Steve's guys just because he touched my foot.

Are they usually legal in amy mma?

P.S. Good job trying, -repping you because for you red is green rep. I really want to see what title you get after Mechanized, etc.

3/29/2010 1:08pm,
Don't worry about a loss man learn from it and put it behind you. Oh and don't be to hard on your friends bad videotaping ring girls are very distracting.

3/29/2010 2:02pm,
Question, congratulations on your debut. Looking forward to seeing the video when it is posted. Add me to the chorus of well-wishers who posted props to the Q for stepping in the ring.

The Question
3/29/2010 2:08pm,
To answer the inquiries, I weighed in at 198, the fight was supposed to be at 200. I was very well prepared, although it had been years since I've even seen a heel hook, so I was caught with my pants down ... at my ankles, he then used the pants to secure the grip. It was a very cool submission to watch though.

My ammy record is 0-0. Why did I go pro without ammy first? Well, we're in Jamaica here, where there is no ammy MMA scene. So the idea of build up slow with ammy before taking the plunge goes out the window. I was just very happy to get in the goddamn cage. There are mismatches all over the goddamn place, I'm not sure the matchmakers understand exactly what makes a good fight. The dude I fought has about 20 pro fights or something like that, if the announcer was to be believed. He also walks around at about 20lbs heavier than me, I think. Though it didn't feel like that on fight night. When I defended his takedown attempts, I was sure I was gonna win. Then the hook burst my bubble.

Dude was very cool though.

3/29/2010 2:16pm,
You don't win 'em all, and you certainly don't always get to win your first.

3/29/2010 2:17pm,
Wouldn't Q-himself say "Why the **** are people congratulating a ************ for losing? In the first round no less. I mean good job for getting in the ring but he got surprised that a muthafuckin grappler pulled guard! What else is a bitchass grappler gonna do but pull guard?!?!"

I wouldn't say that mind you.

I would say "congratulations on getting in the ring Mr TheQuestion - glad you made it out without injury. You'll come back and beat his ass one day I'm sure."

(Edit: I'm flinching like hell for the response)

3/29/2010 2:41pm,
Congrats Q-dot. Post vids as soon as you can, include post fight commentary.

Jack Rusher
3/29/2010 3:18pm,
I was just very happy to get in the goddamn cage.

And that's how to feel about it. I've had that some kind of "WTF?" moment every time I've stepped into a new set of combat sports rules. Next time will go better.

3/29/2010 4:17pm,
Wihtou telling the story of my disastrous first fight, let me just say:

The first one sucks balls. But in the second one you get to punish some new bastard for all the mistakes you made in the previous.