View Full Version : Extreme power gym or the compound?

3/26/2010 7:09pm,
I am new here and I am wondering which of these two training spots are better. One is extreme power gym in Oceanside ca the other is the compound also in oceanside. Does anyone go to either if these spots and if so are they good?

3/26/2010 7:22pm,
Hey, mate.

Fair question, but very wrong forum. This is the MABS forum, for serious investigation discussion. You need the newbietown forum.
I suggest you go read the stickied threads (they say Read Me) and make sure you check the forum descriptions before you post anything.

A mod will move this thread at some point, you dont need to re-post it. (You may want to expand on the gyms, though. link the sites, maybe)

3/27/2010 9:45am,
Ok thanks. The sites are www.extremepowergym.com and www.thecompoundmma.com

3/27/2010 9:53am,
Looks pretty cut and dry to me. One is an MMA gym with good BJJ instructors and the other looks to be a very good Thai boxing gym. Both look legit.

So you need to figure out your own goals. You want to learn kickboxing or BJJ?