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2/14/2004 11:19pm,
Next issue of XFM is due for release on the 19th of March at XFC where you can all get an advance copy, and will be in newsagents the following week.

Has all the regular columns from Bruno Panno, Bas Rutten, King of Trolls Luke Beston, etc.

And interviews including Tony Bonello who gives insight into his ideals, past, and future.

The King, Elvis Sinosic speaks about his transition from fighter to trainer, and his future fighting career.

We catch up with all round top guy Ian Schaffa, and of course coverage on all the local events.

Drop a line if you have any inquries about writing, advertising, or getting the mag at www.xfmagazine.com


2/14/2004 11:24pm,
Cheers buddy!