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2/14/2004 7:16pm,




2/14/2004 7:39pm,
Oh BTW explain "lame" share with us your infinate wisdom on the clips you posted.

Do you know the people concerned and want to trash them ? or, are you saying in your considered opinion the techniques/application/principles are flawed.

Speak up or **** off

2/14/2004 7:43pm,
WHAT THE **** is the first throw in the second clip? The attacker drops to a knee for a double leg, causing his opponent to helplessly fly over his head?!

2/14/2004 7:44pm,
Oh, and don't listen to sempai. I enjoyed the clips immensely. Welcome to Bullshido.

The Wastrel
2/14/2004 7:45pm,
I thought that second clip was an egregious example of the dangers of too much cooperative practice.

2/14/2004 7:51pm,
Agreed on both counts... I cannot and will not suggest that was quality aikido because it wasnt. I'd rather a person who wants to troll a system, say why it's LAME rather than just post links.

2/14/2004 8:21pm,
... a perfect instance of what Aikido shouldn't be.

deus ex machina
2/14/2004 9:24pm,
So where are the BJJ bullshido clips? Hrm? I'm waiting.

2/14/2004 9:45pm,
Full Contact is to barbaric!

2/14/2004 10:14pm,
I can remember doing these types of throws when I was taking aikido. Most of them are variations of kokyuu nage, or "breath throws." Basically, you're supposed to throw your opponent with body movement. They're pretty fun to do, but not really practical as you can see. Concentrating on these throws was one of the reasons I quit aikido.

2/14/2004 10:18pm,
Why do they go towards each other and grab each other's hands like that?

2/14/2004 10:32pm,
It's basically just a training tool to learn proper distance or something. You're supposed to be able to do a technique from any of the basic attacks (e.g. one-hand grab, cross-hand grab, reverse punch, overhead strike, etc). Also, you're told that "in real life, you'd be grabbing their hands" and that "it's just a way to let your uke fall safely."

2/14/2004 10:33pm,
Very fun clips.

2/14/2004 11:28pm,

I wish my standup jiu-jitsu stuff actually worked.

2/14/2004 11:36pm,
i love how they massage eachothers hands before the throw, very erotic

2/15/2004 2:30am,
weird how the 2nd clip is titled irimi nage...i suppose what they are doing is still a kind of "entering throw" but what is usually called irimi nage is a much more savage clothesline like affair to accelerate the head into the ground.