View Full Version : Sumo wrestler rips out cash machine and makes his getaway with it on his shoulders

3/06/2010 1:47pm,
A man believed to be a sumo wrestler ripped out a cash machine weighing 90kg (200lb) and made off with it on his shoulders, police in Moscow report.

The suspect and an accomplice were arrested after being stopped in a BMW with tinted windows which they were driving without number-plates.
The machine containing 25,320 roubles ($850, 560) was found in the car.

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Sadly there is no video, however you can't have everything, so you'll just have to imagine it happening :)

3/06/2010 4:04pm,
I love the quote from the Moscow police dept. referring to the guy's acomplice as a rascal.

3/06/2010 7:09pm,
whoa. Those things only way 90kg?

Larus marinus
3/06/2010 7:26pm,
whoa. Those things only way 90kg?

Some of the free-standing cash machines, of the type you find in small local shops and garages (the ones in the UK that usually charge you 1 to use) are pretty small. Slightly taller than a washing machine and not as wide.

Unless they're weighted inside (I dunno) and were they not bolted firmly to the floor, they look like something that a guy who could carry a washing machine on his own could pick up and hump a short distance to a getaway car/truck...

Justin C
3/06/2010 8:30pm,
the only image in my mind is....awsome.

3/06/2010 11:05pm,
Those sumo and their crazy training techniques.

3/07/2010 12:04am,
This is so gangsta it makes my head hurt.

Matt Tower
3/07/2010 2:09am,
Someone has to create a video re-enactment of this, including the rascal remark by the russian police

3/07/2010 3:43am,
That was so awesome I think I wet myself a little... In all seriousness that's pretty cool as wrong as it may be.

3/07/2010 6:32am,
****, i have to transition into sumo asap

it is the deadly

3/07/2010 6:38am,
So how long before this becomes a strongman competition lift?

3/07/2010 7:47am,

whoooooops wrong topic...

soo...hey....how are you guys....

3/08/2010 3:39pm,
He's no Lee Murray!

3/09/2010 4:06pm,
They have cctv everywhere these days, can't believe we're deprived of that image :(

Larus marinus
3/09/2010 4:27pm,
They have cctv everywhere these days, can't believe we're deprived of that image :(



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