View Full Version : What percentage of your gym competes?

3/01/2010 6:17pm,
Around 14 out of over 150 people from my gym compete. Another gym that I visit on a semi regular basis seems to have almost half of their members competing in either grappling or MMA. I'd imagine most places are somewhere inbetween and I was hoping to get a better feel for the ratio of competitors to non-competitors in schools beside my own.

So tell me, about what percentage of your school competes? Are you happy with that number? Do you think it's a good balance? What would your ideal ratio be?

3/01/2010 6:47pm,
To my knowledge, only one person in my from my kickboxing hasn't competed in some form of competition and that person is me. But that'll change in April.

3/01/2010 6:49pm,
Somewhere around 10% of active people at my gym compete, if you took in all the people who come once a week or the people who quit after a month maybe 5%. Some invite only gyms i've been to have an 80% rate and the 20% are usually either out with injuries or training for their first fight.

I'll be rather surprised if grappling schools don't have a higher rate on average.