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2/13/2004 8:42pm,
Just a quick taster of this ongoing bull **** quoted from the TRS Direct CEO.

I've been dealing with cold-blooded killers now for almost ten years. Guys from "deep combat" military backgrounds, black-bag operatives who work with ski masks hiding their identity, and streetfighters who prowl the back alleys of big cities just aching for a brawl.

These guys love to fight.

But they don't scare me much anymore because, like you, I've learned a few things about fighting. I now know that even the biggest, baddest, and scariest thug out there can be brought to his knees, whimpering in pain… if you know just a few secrets of true fighting.

So, okay… I'm not frightened. But the thing is, I've got a family now, and lots of people who depend on me not just to protect them, but also to be there for them. Alive, and not in a hospital. The plain truth is…

I Hate To Fight.

I know we've trolled this website and stuff before but jeez.
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2/13/2004 8:54pm,

But man is that Heather friggin' hot or what?

Have a great Kenpo day


2/13/2004 9:26pm,
>>>From the TRS web site>>>>
__________________________________________________ _______
John Nottingham -- the notorious former combat-tested Airborne soldier who was issued official duty orders to teach his special talents to "first in/last out" Special Forces. (Including Green Berets, SEALS, CIA and RECON agents.)
Got that? He is so damn good, the military brass ORDERED him to teach Spec Op guys. Because he has "the stuff". John competed internationally in martial arts, and was rated in the nation's "Top Ten" bad-ass fighters. Black belts up the yin-yang, 20 years combat experience… this guy is the real thing a thousand times over.

I guess I missed the "Top Ten" bad-ass fighter list....where was that ? Anybody have any idea how many "up the yin-yang" really is?

2/13/2004 9:31pm,
Jim Arvanitis ... "Sir" to every fighter who's ever come up against him, in the street or in the ring... is so FEARED in the martial arts world that whenever he shows up at a fight convention 6th degree black belts will leave the room rather than cross his path.

He's that scary.

He is also so RESPECTED, that he has been featured in over 155 international magazine articles (starting with the famous cover story in Black Belt in 1973).

He trains military insiders, but only a select handful of civilians have ever trained with him. He's hidden away on the East Coast — and much of his training time is hogged by Spec Op agents and SWAT cops.

Mr. Arvanitis is the ONLY Grand Master in the style he teaches. It's called "Pankration" — which is Greek for "kick some serious ass". (Okay, I'm lying — the actual translation is "all-encompassing powers". But I know what the results of knowing this system sure is. And it IS "kick some serious ass".)

Because Mr. Arvanitis is such an experienced teacher... what you are about to see can be QUICKLY "absorbed" into your muscle memory. Again — it doesn't matter what kind of shape you're in, what your skill level is, whether you've ever even landed a punch before in a real fight.

The only thing scary here is the freakin hair on that dude. FFS

2/13/2004 9:37pm,
LOL, 6th degree black belts leave the room? What, is he a ninja who randomly flips out and goes nuts on people?

Christ, I'm not even a black belt and I wouldn't give a damn whether I **** in his general direction. Sure, he's big and can probably kick my ass all over the place...but why run from him?

2/13/2004 9:51pm,
why would they have belt ranks in pankration? Did the greeks compete in nothing bu ttheir belts?

2/13/2004 9:53pm,
Seperated at birth ?
http://www.bangedup.com/archives/buckwheatbrown.jpg http://www.trsdirect.com/images/med_pics/Arvanitis_md.jpg
One claims to be able to kick the **** out of you, the other kicks the **** out of his wife

2/13/2004 10:05pm,
Demi Barbito

Demi Barbito became a streetfighter before he turned 13, growing up in the meanest streets of southern Los Angeles county. There's blood on his hands. He has the best credentials of ANY fighter I've ever met — certified personally in Brazilian Ju Jitsu by Rickson Gracie (3 years of hard- core training)... full instructor status in JKD and Filipino Kali... full certification in close- quarter handgun combat (from the TAC FIRE Institute, where all top SWAT cops learn their lethal skills) ... head instructor at a secretive "lethal force" school. Most of his clientele are high-ranking black belts, SWAT cops, Drug Enforcement agents, private club bouncers... and Level 4 prison security guards (the guys who hold the line in maximum security prisons).

Paul Vunak

You may not know much about Paul Vunak... but the SEALS, FBI, and CIA and a dozen police department SWAT teams do. He is without a doubt one of the most respected - and dangerous -men in the world at hand-to-hand combat - teaching it and using it.

The U.S. Navy SEALS brought Paul in to teach them his unique system after an exhaustive worldwide search for the best hand-to-hand combat system in existence.

As you know, the SEALS are flat-out the most deadly-efficient soldiers on the planet. They won't even consider a fighting system unless it can be taught quickly and used with brutal efficiency!

Vladimir Vasiliev

Former Russian SPETSNAZ soldier, Vladimir Vasiliev, wasn't just a normal Spec Op Soldier. Vladimir was so high up that he taught this astonishing Russian fighting system to other SPETSNAZ agents... in fact he was one of their specialized trainers.

He spent 10 years as a SPETSNAZ operative, running multiple special missions, including eleven deep reconnaissance and POW recoveries behind enemy lines. He has also trained KGB hit-men, Kremlin bodyguards, elite paratroopers and big-city Russian SWAT teams.

Shahram Mossavi

Ex-Iranian Secret Service Agent, Shahram Moosavi, was an elite front line soldier who was trained in what is called in the Middle East as "Blood Tomorrow" training. You must learn and master moves one day, then live combat the next. If you fail, you die, it's that simple.

After 3 long years of 'mortal combat' on the front lines, against better armed and more savage opponents during the Iran/Iraq war, Shahram became a ranking member of the Persian "Control Grogun Vahhead", the most feared (and most employed) arm of the secret service there.

Then he decided to escape! Shahram's escape from Iran was no small feat, you get caught, you die, no trial. After setting up a meager life in the U.S., Shahram set out on his greatest mission...rescuing his family in Iran. He snuck through the mountains and deserts of Pakistan (where the night temperature can reach 140 degrees!), fighting thieves, snakes, scorpions, and going for days without water.

All the while knowing that if he got caught, he would be dead within the hour. He went through this hell to rescue his parents and siblings, not once... but twice!

Jesse Lechuga

The men you'll be training with are Jesse Lechuga and Joe Nepo. Between them, they have over 50 years of martial art (and teaching) experience. Joe was a Marine sniper, and Jesse has done "deep" security work for U.S. presidents and many of the "rich and famous" people you see in headlines every day. Both train bodyguards and "top school" security forces.

And while their work with Marine "Recon" units (which operate much like Army LRRP frontline combat units) is still a classified secret to most people… these guys have earned worldwide fame among cops for their work with elite "rapid response" gang control units (hand-to-hand, weapons, tactical). In fact… they have earned the greatest "award" a gang can offer anyone in law enforcement… by…getting "marked" for death!

Jim West

Anyone can talk fighting (and a lot do). But only a real fighter like Jim West can show you how to survive and win in the real world. Jim has actually been in over 600 bloody hand-to-hand streetfights... and won every single one, decisively!

Jim earned a half a dozen medals in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm. He was even invited into the top secret Marine "War Room" to help plan offensive strikes. He spent 15 years in the "black bag" arm of the Green Beret earning him the coveted "Whiskey 9" top secret clearance that only the best of the best soldiers ever receive. He trains special forces in hostage rescue and Justice Department agents in Hand-to-hand combat.

All of that special training aside, Jim knows how to quickly train people like you and me in the "Dark Art" of truly nasty, vicious no-rules fighting.

Ray Ellingsen

A veteran trainer of sensitive U.S. Military specialists, he honed his skills as a hot-shot "skip chaser". Ray's current job is hunting down the nastiest criminals who skip bail in Los Angeles, the most dangerous "market" in the U.S. More than half of his take-downs are repeat violent offenders with rap sheets a mile long, thus ensuring that they will involve serious violence.

Cops love Ray. His specialized training has saved the lives of countless police officers and federal agents. His secret fighting skills are what it takes to survive and win a fight against the "new" kind of criminal out there.

And the bullshit goes on and on and on..

Funny how they all seem to have the same conacts within the military SWAT CIA blah blah blah although my all time favourite is...

"Jim earned a half a dozen medals in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm. He was even invited into the top secret Marine "War Room" to help plan offensive strikes. He spent 15 years in the "black bag" arm of the Green Beret earning him the coveted "Whiskey 9" top secret clearance that only the best of the best soldiers ever receive. He trains special forces in hostage rescue and Justice Department agents in Hand-to-hand combat."


2/13/2004 10:25pm,
I think TRS should have stuck to making Dungeons & Dragons. :D

2/13/2004 11:45pm,
Thing is not everything there is bullshit.

deus ex machina
2/14/2004 1:17am,
Do you know who Paul Vunak is, sempai?

<-- amused grin.

deus ex machina
2/14/2004 1:19am,
Though I'm sure you could kick his ass with your aikido.

2/14/2004 7:29am,
Originally posted by deus ex machina
Do you know who Paul Vunak is, sempai?

<-- amused grin.

You seem to be missing the point. Theres some well known talent (such as Cucci, Vuvak, Oleg, etc.), but what relationship does the talent have with TRS? TRS looks like a distributor. And while some of the products they sell may be good, it's the hyperbole and cliche they use to sell this stuff which is pretty rediculous.

2/14/2004 1:03pm,
The TRS hype machine is famous, but they have some of the most experienced talent out there and good production values.

Do you know who Paul Vunak is, sempai? The hell with knowing who Vunak is, some of the best on that list are people semapi wouldn't even know.

milwaukee cop
2/14/2004 5:08pm,
matt hatmaker is THE man!!, good tapes from him, both on paladin press and trs

Omega Supreme
2/14/2004 5:19pm,
Thanks Punchdummy I missed the point too.

I'm going to take an asprin now.