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2/09/2010 4:35am,
Looking for BULLSHIDO locals to come down and give a FAIR REVIEW OF SCHOOL.

Now I am a regular on Bullshido (Zipit777), I have had my butt turned inside and out on this site when I first came on the scene as a REALITY URBAN SELF DEFENSE INSTRUCTOR with almost 30 years of martial arts experience (15+ continuous) with some GREAT Instructors.

So in saying that I am offering a FREE MONTH of training to ONLY BULLSHIDO members. You can't be a noobie.

Now since my respect and understanding of the bullshido family is harsh but fair, I think it ONLY RIGHT that you come down to train and see for yourself.

If you are interested please email me at [email protected]

You can put us in any situation or scenario.

This is a lot to ask, so I ask that before the ass hammering begins, someone take me up on the offer...

Your week will cover comparison training (what you would do and what I would do), you can try to strike as hard as you like, grab or choke as hard as you like and so on. Behave! ;)

You will also be instructed on how we do things and thus you can pass it along to the Bullshido Family.

If a lot of you want to come down, fine: We will just make a BULLSHIDO FREE SEMINAR.

You will judge on instruction and effectiveness of the tactics, and techniques.


PS: This is not to be taken as a CHALLENGE TO FLEX YOUR MUSCLES, IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED BY ME. THIS IS NOT A THROWDOWN, (Though I have created a group)

Respectfully looking forward to it.

2/09/2010 10:32am,
This is about as fair an offer as fair gets.

I believe I may take you up on a few classes, sir. you are a good 3 hour ride away for me, so it will have to be when my job sends me to Syosset, which it does often.

Let me look into my schedule and get back to you.

2/09/2010 11:01am,
LOVE TO HAVE ANYONE! You are more than welcome to come down when needed...

2/09/2010 6:52pm,
Wow, amazing stuff. saw some of the videos, reminds me of my Krav Maga classes. If Im ever in the area Ill be sure to stop by, seems like top notch instruction.

2/09/2010 11:16pm,
Your website is poorly written, aggressively tasteless, and full of meaningless jargon, particularly the "Science" section. That doesn't mean your classes aren't good, but to me it isn't a good sign when a gym advertises towards the sort of people who love buzzwords and explosion graphics. That said, I'm only a few hours away, so I'd like to come see if you are as TOTALLY AWESOME as you KEEP CAPITALIZING RANDOM WORDS ABOUT all over YOUR TERRIBLE WEBSITE.

Edit: No accounting for taste.

2/10/2010 12:07am,
I actually get a lot of compliments on the web site and though I am in no way a web designer and my web page is done by that said designer, your post is not only rude and unprofessional but also invalid of the post and offer that I gave.
So anyway, I will still await your visit and look forward to meeting you.
And one final thing, this is a school review not a spelling or web site review.

2/10/2010 9:17am,

2/10/2010 9:33am,
Airsoft? I dont get the question...Are you talking about the video? The last place I went partner with an airsoft guy. Half the store airsoft, half a gym, Didnt work out, in a new place for 2 years, only offer martial arts. Not in the business or the place any longer...

2/10/2010 9:44am,
I know you have to sell yourself if you want to be successful in the world, so I understand. But I don't list my participation in John Lu's games in my MA resume; i don't know how it has any bearing on the quality of your curriculum.

I like the website btw.

2/10/2010 10:40am,
Thanks, It has NO Bearing on Martial Arts but stuff I like to do on the side as well...Still simulated training, just as much as knife or stick sparring with trainers, wouldnt you agree?
You learn tactics, and learn how not to "die" or get hit by communicating and operating under stress. If you have been to or ever seen a John Lu game, there are tanks shooting off 50 Cal.s - RPG's, explosions, Sirens, Lots of people, quick reaction time and Fires, I think it is actually a good experience, if you are getting ready to go into combat, and the military uses airsoft training now. So martial arts, no. Combat, yes. I do these "games" every year as often as I can for fun. You also get an adrenaline dump doing it...

And thanks again for the compliment on the web page...

2/10/2010 10:55am,
Yep, OPLC3, OPLC4. I was squad leader in LC4, we trained for it months in advance with past SF guys (a lot of the same people as people you were working with) etc. Fun for sure. (BTW Bco obviously won every time ;))

2/10/2010 11:13am,
LOL, LC's are good...Irene's are good to, if you decide to go this year (September) give me a shout...Heard this one is at a Marine Corps MOUT...

2/10/2010 11:20am,
Wing-Kwan-Fu - We GET IT, You dont like the web page...We get it...Now move on and stop being a hater. Just do what you said and come down from Boston and check the school out...I will pay for your gas...We will make a whole day of it.

2/12/2010 4:46pm,
i was wondering good sir what you think of bradley stieners concepts on the combat arts. I would also like to know what you think about the attack proof methodology

2/12/2010 5:24pm,
Jacob- Bradley's stuff stems from Farebanks and Applegate WW2 Mentality. I have studied and still study American Combatives with (Scott MacDonald) which is similar, but for me, the starting of techniques are too close, otherwise a lot of these strikes can be devastating if you are able to get that strike off.

I own the book "Kill or be Killed", Good Read and you can take a lot of good theory and philosophy out from it. The Masters can get these types of strikes off, but a system/concept/method should be seen and be useful for white grades/beginners as well. It should start off aggressive as soon as they walk in the door. This will expand the tunnel vision effect when in a hand to hand encounter, I can go on, but I wont bore ya...YES! You can learn something from this.

Attack Proof (Guided Chaos), I can speak personally about as well since I dibbed and dabbed in it. I have been to a seminar with Master Perkins as well...Again, stems from WW2...Not sure about the native Indian stuff, but hence is marketing.

I have a couple of friends who are Blackbelts in it, you can get some good theory from it, Are any of these systems for me, not really any more, but I think you can take enough out of them to add to your arsenal so they become instinctive instead of a complex gross motor skill.

So in closing, I think if you experience it would be good for you, you should see everything that is out there. Fighting happens in ALL ranges and should be adapted by every system.

I think the best thing for you however, is take me up on my offer, since you seem to like combatives. I deal with more realistic street stuff. I will not add something into my system if I know it wont work ALL THE TIME...Finally, keep it simple, I think you will have one heck of an eye opener if you were to try anything related to WW2 combatives on me...

2/12/2010 6:27pm,
sir i would not be able to train with you. I live in florida. I looked at your website. I dont really see the difference in what you espouse and say kempo or something of that nature teaches. I think your art and kempo are very similar. I just am not real sure about your whole system in general. I dont know maybe you can shed some light on this whole issue.