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2/03/2010 11:31am,
A friend has just told me that he is to start training MMA at this place http://www.dragonsunlimited.co.uk/ev...ex_evolve.html (http://www.dragonsunlimited.co.uk/evolve/index_evolve.html) . Just wondered if anyone had ever heard of these instructors.
BTW i'm not calling Bullshido, just looking at for a friend

shaolin pimp
2/03/2010 12:31pm,
Go to boards.ie forums, people will know them there.

2/03/2010 12:57pm,
They would seem to be a good club. They run a releatively new event called chaos, and they have guys fighting on other cards pretty regularly. Bear in mind I have no direct contact with these guys, but its a fairly small scene over here, so everybody is aware of everybody else