View Full Version : each class only $199

11/07/2002 7:07pm,
It's only 199.00 per class with 9 classes (maybe 10 if you gotta pay for the Graduation Ceremony) offered back to back-----you got to love it!

Dufus McGoob
11/07/2002 8:24pm,
Money grabs like this are the reason I don't play in the ATA anymore. I am continually impressed with the degredation of this organization.


11/07/2002 9:01pm,
Going to try and defend this also, Axekick?

11/07/2002 9:30pm,
i am not even going to try and defend this. the whole idea of having nine seminars is three are taken during your first year of teaching thre are taken during your second and three are taken during your third.

this is in the process of being changed. this next comming year you will have to attend three regional camps held annualy. n between this time you are required to teach at least 100 hours. this is not doing anyone justice. the persons taking the class the people teaching them or the ata. the whole reason we do these things over a time span of three years is so that you can digest the infromation and learn how to implement it. THINGS LIKE THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN I AM OUTRAGED AT THIS MCDOJO. YOU PAY 1800 AND TAKE AFEW CLASSES AND WHALA YOUR AN INSTRUCTOR. THE WHOLE REASON FOR THESE SEMINARS IS TO GUARD AGAINST BAD TEACHERS.

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Grand Master H.U. Lee