View Full Version : Looking for a good school near Claremont, CA

1/13/2010 6:08pm,
Hello all!

I posted here a while ago looking for advice on where to train in Boston, and I was directed to Redline Fight Sports, which was pretty awesome. So, now, I'm about to be going to school in Claremont, California, and I'm looking for advice on where to train. Ideally there would be some great, cheap place that had good grappling and striking instruction, but I'm not really picky. I'd love to find a good BJJ school and a good boxing or muay thai school, but really I'd just like to hear any opinions on which schools of any type in the area are alive, well instructed, and not a ripoff. I saw some good things about Dobler MT and Wander Braga BJJ, which are pretty close (particularly the BJJ). Anyone know if those places are my best bet?

Regarding my skill level, I've been training on and off for a year, and I would (generously) call myself an advanced beginner.