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1/04/2010 1:15pm,
G'day, I can either do a freestyle karate style called anderson bushikai karate and Muay Thai or kyokushin karate. I am not sure which one to do. I have previously done judo but I play rugby on the nights that the judo dojo trains. Cheers cobbers.

This a link for the freestyle karate/muay thai- http://www.bushikai.com.au
The kyokushin dojo is this one- http://www.kyokushinbrisbane.com/

1/04/2010 4:34pm,
Definitely the Kyokushin place. That other place you linked reeks of bullshido.

1/04/2010 5:05pm,
greetings.kyokushin would be a better choice/given a good teacher.first i would suggest if they offer 1-2 sample classes.see if the style/school/ fits you.then see if they ofer contracts.bullshido places tend to run like used car lots..once they get youre money..its over.hope you find something you dig..cheers.

1/04/2010 6:11pm,
reading that profile from the anderson place was pretty lol. street warriors indeed. id skip it.

1/04/2010 7:58pm,
kyokoushiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin :)

1/04/2010 10:06pm,
Many of the upper masters are now studying and practising physic readings, healing and advanced meditation and higher levels of consciousness, becoming shamans and sages.

Yeah.. I don't know about this place..

So after nearly forty years I feel that our style is very respected within the martial arts community(I feel this guy is full of ****) and more importantly we have an unbreakable bond of brotherhood & sisterhood which has been tested under battle and held rock strong(what fucking battle was this?).

1/04/2010 10:47pm,
hi is anyone in perth or anywhere else in australia don't mind people from SA :new_blueg

1/04/2010 10:52pm,
wouldn't mind aNNYONE that does krav maga as im starting this year 2010:qright5:

1/05/2010 9:13pm,
That Andersson place may be legit, but if so they intentionally fake being Mcdojo on their webpage.
Their background with connections to the australian zendokai (as opposed to the japanese style with the same name) does nothing to inspire confidence either.

I may be a bit biased since I train kyokushin myself (although the fact that kyokushin top level /legend fighter Garry OŽNeil is instructor there would decide it for me. I mean with this level of instructors you will not get ripped off: http://www.kyokushinbrisbane.com/ourClub/ourClub_instructors.htm ), but do that. Or atleast stay away from the other place.

Oh, and the andersson bushikai karate founder/ Bloodaxe muay thai master himself: http://www.bushikai.com.au/OKaicho_Mal.jpg

1/05/2010 9:30pm,
brisbane kyokushin - great dojo with a good range of skill with an instructor who genuinely cares about his students without the trappings of other shitty karate dojos.

Its in the top 3 places to train in Brisbane out of any style, i really recommend it.

1/06/2010 3:58am,
Definitely go for Kyokushin.

The other place's website is a bit ridiculous:


Also anywhere that mentions shamans or sages, or anything else you might find in world of warcraft, should probably be avoided...

Stu xD

1/06/2010 5:45pm,
Hey kol i missed your post before, you should probably respect that Bloodaxe founder guy a little more. He's taught more quality fighters than days you've trained. Bloodaxe has a very decent reputation so i wouldn't discount it's affiliates so quickly, the founder of my gym is also ex-Australian zendokan... some very scary people used to train in that style. At the end of the day mcdojo Muay Thai in Brisbane is probably going to be as good as the best mt you'll find in the U.S.

OP, how the hell did you miss from your list UQ Judo, advance MMA, integrated MMA, kru dip muay thai, valhalla muay thai, ironfist muay thai, nuggets MT, corporate box, and wrestling at the PCYC? Brisbane has a ridiculous amount of world class places to train at.

1/07/2010 9:23am,
Actually, I heard the guys at Bloodaxe Muay Thai were really awesome.

Especially at Warcraft-Jitsu

See, most of them are level-1000 Orc Shamans or Sages, with super rare weapons and armour that make them l3th4l 4 t3h str33tz

K1ller, doodz.

Stu xD

1/07/2010 1:18pm,
"kru dip muay thai, valhalla muay thai, ironfist muay thai, nuggets MT, corporate box"

Seriously, wtf?

1/07/2010 10:12pm,
The last two posters need the stupid beaten out of them. Could i get some volunteers in their respective cities?

1/07/2010 11:11pm,
Could we actually get someone who has taken this Bloodaxe Warcraft stuff? What is your experience? Are you one of the people in the below picture? Maybe the dude with the mushroom cut?


One more thing

What do you do in class.

You can expect a wide variety of mediums in your training experience. Classes include

http://www.bushikai.com.au/bullet.gif Warm ups and stretching

http://www.bushikai.com.au/bullet.gif Pad and bag work

http://www.bushikai.com.au/bullet.gif Kata practice and training

http://www.bushikai.com.au/bullet.gif Self defense applications (known as Yuksuko)

http://www.bushikai.com.au/bullet.gif Sparring - both non-contact and semi-contact (HUH? non-contact?)