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Whatsup bullshido i'm new,
I noticed alot of you are in/ have been in the military, was wondering where if anywhere martial arts fits into the military? I came across a description of the army's 11c MOS and it said that they

"Performs hand-to-hand combat drills that involve martial-arts tactics "

Is that it? any info on how martial arts is integrated in the military and if its any good is appreciated. thx

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Heh. Just so you don't get too worked up- the 11C MOS is for mortar men. You'll be lugging around a tube, a baseplate, or a tripod, and ammo. And a sidearm. You'll be firing at an enemy you can't see.

11B is light infantry. Here, you might see your enemy. You'll still be lugging around a lot of gear (just not as much as those God-forsaken Charlies). You'll also be carrying an M-16 or M-4, an M-16 or M-4 combined with an M-203 grenade launcher, a SAW M-429, or an M-240B or G. In other words, **** to shoot people with. From a distance.

You'll learn combatives as part of your basic training. If you're very lucky, you'll have higher-ups that encourage that sort of training. But your basic infantry skills will be how to move and bring fire on the enemy, and that's where most of your time will be spent.

I spent my own money to train martial arts in my off time. I got more out of it.

1/04/2010 1:33pm,
Hand-to-hand has been a low priority in the military for a long time; most of the people claiming to have instructed the military in H2H are exaggerating claims in order to bolster their own resume.

Basically if you're doing H2H, the situation is FUBAR.

We do have a level 3 (4?) Army Combatives guy here (Asia). The Army has been holding quasi-MMA tournaments for a while now, which is a good sign. But like was said earlier, you'll be lucky if you find a unit that makes it a training priority.

1/04/2010 1:44pm,
In my experience serving national service in administrative capacity, if the unit has a high chance of Close Quarter Combat (CQB), h2h and related conditioning will likely be encouraged but not at the expense of firearms/tactical training/drills/etc.

1/04/2010 9:23pm,
If anyone reading this is considering enlisting as an 11C, make sure you'll be assigned to a mechanized unit.

You'll thank me later.

1/05/2010 12:36am,
As it was already said, an 11C is a mortarman. You'll be lugging that thing around.

As for military combatatives...they suck and they teach you EXTREMELY bad habits. At least that was my experience in 2004 when I went through Infantry school.

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But like was said earlier, you'll be lucky if you find a unit that makes it a training priority.

The Major here in USU in ROTC is rated in combatives, and a BB, and (ex) MMA fighter and hates the local McDojo (cool guy, all the right opinions and training) and told me that the CO won't let him or the Cadets or anyone else do anything H2H. NADA, nothing at all. What a tool.

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aight wont go 11c. That is if they let me in at all, I've had scoliosis surgery and have flat feet like a hobbit :icon_thum thanks for info