View Full Version : Get chased by Don Frye

Coach Josh
1/01/2010 10:12pm,
go to http://onestepaheadmovie.com (http://onestepaheadmovie.com/)

link with facebook account and get chased by the Predator. Its funny and kinda geek cool.

1/01/2010 10:22pm,
I don't have a facebook login & don't want to start one now, I guess I'll just have to miss out on this one.

Don Frye has one of the most powerful mustaches in the world!

1/01/2010 10:56pm,
Every time I see that commercial, I scream "DON FRYE!!"

Everyone always looks at me weird, but I know.

Conde Koma
1/02/2010 2:02am,
Haha, pretty funny. I'm impressed at the coding that they did more than anything.