View Full Version : Am I the only one who hates Incubus?

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2/09/2004 10:51pm,
Make yourself was good, but everything after that all sounds the same!

Matt Stone
2/09/2004 11:06pm,
I did security work for them in Tokyo... Skinny, pale, mole-encrusted wannabe trying to act/look like a heroin addict. I wasn't impressed.

The Japanese loved them, but they love Hello Kitty, too...

2/09/2004 11:08pm,

I can't figure out why he is a sex symbol to this day. I hate how they really started pushing that with morning view.

I hate how they claim to hate music which sounds the same, then produce their crap.

2/10/2004 1:38am,
I don't particularly like 'em either.


The Wastrel
2/10/2004 1:43am,
I don't know about Incubus....But Yiliquan's story reminds me of something. A friend of mine was a sommelier for a big-time restaurant in Minneapolis. According to him, NIN are very polite and reprtedly decent tippers, and Robert Guillaume knows nothing about wine. He and his party took a recommended Chardonnay, drank the whole thing and then complained it was bad and they wouldn't pay for it. Ordered something like a Fetzer instead, or something on that level.

Darting Fingers
2/10/2004 1:52am,
Did you know an Incubus is a demon that descends on women in the night to rape them?

2/10/2004 3:32am,
Yes, yes I did.

"Make yourself was good, but everything after that all sounds the same! "
I have their first album, you can grab it if you want it.
I consider them mediocre.

2/10/2004 10:37am,
I hate incubus....although I dig thier new video...just not any of thier music.
Actually, I liked thier Acoustic stuff they put out.

2/10/2004 3:08pm,
I liked the album Science they put out. And I enjoyed the 'Warning' Video.

2/10/2004 7:20pm,
i'm actually starting to think that todays' alternitive music is designed to piss me off. Its all too whiney, especially emo. Don't get me wrong, i liked Nirvana and Smashign Pumkins in there time, but it seems that bitching to bland repetitive guitar has become an "artform"

2/10/2004 8:56pm,
Excuse me... **** EMO!

2/10/2004 9:09pm,
G-d bless you

2/10/2004 11:29pm,
Yiliquan1 - The Japanese loved them, but they love Hello Kitty, too...
I don't care for them either, but come on whats wrong with Hello Kitty?

2/10/2004 11:35pm,
this is what i get for listening to techno and trance that no one has ever heard of. I have never heard an Incubus song. And i have yet to hear an emo song too. As a matter of fact, i've only seen the term emo online.

*goes back under his rock*

2/11/2004 12:41am,

2/11/2004 1:21am,
Incubus is something that I'd listen to if someone was playing them, but never give them a time of the day if it was a question of buying them or some blank CD's.