View Full Version : Am I the only one who hates Incubus?

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2/11/2004 2:15am,
Tehcno and dance is gay.

2/11/2004 2:35am,
some incubus is good

3/09/2004 8:33pm,
megalomaniac is nothing less than a masterpiece-make yourself was cheesy

3/10/2004 12:19am,
style: tkd
favourite band: incubus

are you a Nazi Yankees fan too?

3/10/2004 12:44am,
**** the Yankees. **** em in their pin striped ass.

And I like some of incubus' new stuff. They're definetely not as hard as they used to be, which can be good or bad depending on who you talk to. But since when is this guy considered a sex symbol? He's a SUPER skinny white guy? Wait, maybe there's hope for me yet :D

3/10/2004 1:17am,
**** that pansy ass band
phuck Emo while we're at it
the Yankees...
the Yankees suck and thats all there is to it.

you want music? Buy a Lightning Bolt album
you like baseball? Hope the Red Sox sodomize that club this season.

3/10/2004 1:36am,
Originally posted by MuayThaiChick
Excuse me... **** EMO!

Thank you! JesusMamboDancingChrist! If I EVER meet that tool that started Dashboard Crapfessional in a dark alley he won't leave it with his larynx intact! He is possibly the worst artist to ever get a record deal. He obviously menstruates. He can barely play acoustic guitar and sings worse than my asshole after a trough full of habanero chili. He sells records to affected whiny little punk-ass bitches because he sings about their emotions and all that stupid soggy ****. Emo sucks syphilitic schlong!

Oh, and I'm not much of an incubus fan either. I do like their new megalomaniac song though because it sounds nothing like all of their other stuff. However, Megalomaniac by KMFDM is a far far superior song.

3/10/2004 1:48am,

3/10/2004 1:48am,
oh... we're not talking about that little red Sesame Street puppet are we? My bad..

3/10/2004 2:36am,
Tehcno and dance is gay.

no, you're th3 ghey