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2/09/2004 2:57pm,
I was in this guys room the other day and notcied a seventh samuria poster on teh wall and some korean certificates, and lo and behold, he does TKD here. I told him i have my black belt, he suggests i start trainign here ... i mention bjj and get him nice and interested (it's offered through the school). This semester its being taught by a pruple belt from where I train, so i might do it. Anyway, he seemeed to be very itnerested, and he's going to come to a few classes, but he seemed to shrink a bit when he though it was pure NHB vale tudo stuff. I don't want to come out and say TKD doesn't work, do this, trust me, becasue he respects TKD and has no experiance with bjj, any advice on what not to do?

2/09/2004 3:03pm,
This would be a funny article... A "how to" convert TKD people.

Anyway... be supportive -- figure out why he did TKD and then introduce how BJJ might help attain his goals.

Try some 1on1 sparring together to see where his strength is... light --> moderate contact at first and only striking... then gradually introduce take-downs. Teach effective sprawling and counters to everything you do so that he doesn't feel lost.

You can tell someone something... and they will never listen to you. But if you can make them believe it was their idea in the first place you change their perception.

2/09/2004 3:04pm,
Try to make sure he dosen't roll with some hyper-macho asshole the first few weeks. Nothing like getting viciously choked out to make someone lose heart.

2/09/2004 3:13pm,
If you roll with him, don't totally demolish him! Teach him some subs and then let him pull them off while sparring. Will go along ways for his confidence. Of course, every now and then you gotta **** kick him just so he knows whos boss, but let him get some confidence first :D

2/09/2004 3:14pm,
I guess I would be of a different opinion.

Respectfully ask him to hit the mats w/ you.

Give him Hand & foot pads and tell him to use all the tkd that he wants.

Then tell him you will not strike at all. You will only try to take him down and sub him. (tell him that you will NOT crank any sub's whether he taps or not and ask him to not kick you in the head if you are already unconcious...this makes him feel respected)

Then you simply take him down and tap his *ss out. Then repeat, because he won't believe how fast he got owned. Then repeat again.... He will talk about what he "almost landed" on you.

Then tell him you will go one more time and this time tell him what sub you are going to get on him and whether it will be from the guard, mount, or side control.

Then he will have had a chance to truly see what he is missing. If this isn't good enough for him then he will never be converted anyway and you can stop wasting time w/ him.

ps-at no time should you yell "TAP OR SNAP BITCH!" as this will be counter-productive.

pss-at no time when submitting him should you say "tell me who's king of the playground."

psss-plumber has done the above many times. You won't make many converts but that's ok. You will have fun and maybe they aren't looking to be converted anyway.

2/09/2004 3:29pm,
Hell, just kick or hit him in the nuts a couple times and he'll keep his legs down LOL. I actually had to nail a TKD guy 22 times in the nuts before he decided it wasn't such a good idea to try and kick me in the head. And then I broke his ribs with a reverse punch Now he's working his way up the full contact ladder with all KO's on ESPN, but he still won't get back in the ring with me dammit. Funny how things work out.

Have a great Kenpo day


2/09/2004 3:34pm,

If you couldn't stop a guy after 22 kicks to the nuts then either he is a master of IRON BALL KUNG-FU or you kick like a sissy.

(being a positive person I will say the guy was a master of IRON BALL KUNG-FU. I have been meaning to study this style...please pm this guy's contact info)

Thank you,


2/09/2004 3:39pm,
Nah, he just had a cup on and I wasn't really kicking him that hard, just little taps with enough bite to let him know I was there, you know, the be somewhat nice to the TKD guy kicks. And I still won't learn that Iron Ball thingy, I likes what I got and intend to use them for alotta mo years LOL.

Have a great Kenpo day


2/09/2004 4:15pm,
I hear what you are saying....however....never underestimate IRON BALL KUNG-FU!

much love
2/10/2004 4:54pm,
i have been through this before with a bunch of fantasy martial artists
first if they are dicks, i ignore them and don't show them **** unless they really piss me off
but that is not what DJeter1234's question was about
if i think they have potential to be cool
i nicely and respectfully request sparring
i suggest MMA style rules but if they want i let them call the rules
striking only, grappling only, leg kicks, elbows, knees, headbutts, small joint manipulation, balls, occipital, kicks to the knee, strikes to the wind pipe, level of contact, whatever
you know all of the things that are helpful to understand before a controlled combat exercise
once all of that is understood
I let him know that it is my desire to expand his mind and it might hurt but i am doing it with his best interests in mind
then i beat his ass as severely as the rules allow without serious injury (accidents happen)
afterwords, i reassure him that i am not an aberation and he is not a total woos
he just has to train his shortcomings and then i point them all out
most folks are greatful as i am when my ass is whipped in the same spirit
but not all... so be ready for improvisation
these people are prone to cheat when the going gets tough
if this happens be ready and respond appropriately