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2/09/2004 10:15am,
Watch this last night , it was good to see KERR in the ring again. This ne w guy Gan McGee needs to keep his hands up, was doin ok but never took advantage when he had the the upper hand.

Mirko Flipokvic handled Rin Watermen , for all the " GRAPPLER DESTROYS STRIKER EVERY TIME PERIOD" crowd watch this fight. Waternan huge and built great wrestler hAd size and strength over CRO-COP. The bell rang Waterman threw him down next three mins. were Cro Cop in the gaurd, Waterman leaning the wieght and slamming fists and forearms down, Crop Cop gets out stands, High roudhouse, punch to the face Watterman drops and a few soccer kicks later fight over after 4 mins.

The other fights were ok, one was called when a knee to the nads broke a guys cup, carried out on the streacher.

2/09/2004 10:17am,
Cup broke? Damn, that's bad

2/09/2004 3:31pm,
Mirko=world class striker
Waterman=very strong but very average grappler

Should also be noted that Mirko's ground defense is far superior to Waterman's standing defense. (read into this that Mirko takes his weakness more seriously than waterman takes his weakness)

These guys are really not on the same level.

re: grappling vs striking

Nog stood for almost a round w/ mirko and survived (albeit not very pretty)
Mirko could not last sixty seconds on the mat w/ Nog.

2/09/2004 3:39pm,
True enough, NOG is outstanding. I like to bust ass on the " ANY GRAPPLER CAN BEAT ANY STRIKER" guys, work gets boring.

Omega Supreme
2/09/2004 3:47pm,
First of all Gan's not new. It just took him a while to get to the big show. Secondly, he's not playing the game he used to. Gan's a ground and pounder.

Second, that was the worse Pride I have ever seen.

Third, DDT! DDT! DDT!!!!! Mark Kerr knocks himself out via a pro wrestling move.... ::marking date on calander.::::

2/09/2004 3:51pm,
#1plumber is correct. Mirko is the only pure striker I know of that is good enough to overcome the strong strategic advantages most grappler have in MMA. Nog is probably the only grappler that could have withstood that tremendous amount of punishment he did to successfully apply his grappling. Silva is also primarily a striker, but his clinch work makes a tremedous difference. Mirko primarily sticks to punches and those deadly kicks.

This was the third time in Pride I've seen a fighter kicked or kneed in the groin and drop immediately and being unable to recover for some time. Doesn't prove groin shots are guarranteed fight enders, but I'm still open to using one if I have too.

Lastly the Mark Kerr fighter, highlights a potential problem when grappling. Knocking yourself out during a takedown. I know it was a freak thing, but it the second time it has happened in recent MMA. It just shows that every move have risks and you need to know what you're doing and be careful. If it can Kerr and Lindland, two world class takedown artists, it can happen to you.

2/09/2004 4:05pm,
I agree strongly that Mirko works on his weaknesses (although, I suspect he's probably a better grappler than most would initially think, he's just so devastating with his strikes).

On the self-initiated knock out. When I was wrestling greco, some of the more complicated throws would require just as much get-out-of-the-way-jitsu as they did pick-em-up-and-toss-them-jitsu. On one occasion, I landed a sweet belly-to-belly and the guy tucked a knee in close to himself on impact, which I proceded to land on with my solar plexus.

2/09/2004 4:12pm,

Didn't the same thing happen to Renzo when he fought Dan Henderson? (I'm not certain)

I would venture to guess that more guys have knocked themselves out trying takedowns then have been knocked out while trying take downs. (meaning some striker timed the grapplers takedown perfectly and caught them just right)

Omega Supreme
2/09/2004 4:18pm,
You know who was dissapointing was Daniel Bobbish. All that mass and little to do. Most big guys aren't up to par because of their size and lack of decent training partners. I'm predicting big things for him eventually, but not for at least another year.