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12/18/2009 4:34pm,
This is my first post and I wish to introduce myself. I am Roland Beauregard from the town of Weare, NH. I have a black belt in Aikido. A few years back I discovered that there was a Jujutsu school Freedman's Method Ketsugo Jujutsu (http://www.freedmansmethod.com/)just down the road from me. I went over and started training with Sensei Freedman. I found him to be a no nonsense practical combat jujutsu teacher. He is also proficient in Arnis and seems to be able to master any weapon he gets his hand on. I can say that I really have learned a lot from him.

I have recently started a blog for him called The Martial Arts Coach (http://www.themartialartscoach.com). I invite you all to go over and put your bullsh*t eyes on his videos and comment on them. I would be more than happy to hear what you have to say. Tell me what you think about the blog also.

12/19/2009 1:12pm,
Welcome to Bullshido. There are a few other NH members here as well.

I actually did a few arnis classes with Guro Phil this summer. Nice guy, but not really teaching what I wanted so I didn't continue.

Take care,

12/19/2009 4:31pm,
Nice to hear from you. Phil is a great guy. He is the one doing the videos for Sensei Peter Freedman. If you go to the blog The Martial Arts Coach (http://www.themartialartscoach.com) you can see them there. If you go to YouTube and search on Ketsugo Jujutsu, you will also see a bunch of his videos. Try http://www.youtube.com/user/inkingsakoptata also.

Come to the dojo in Weare, NH sometimes. You might like the Jujutsu classes.

What martial art are you looking for?

12/21/2009 3:06am,
Welcome...nice blog and loved the funny bouncy video lol...

12/21/2009 8:56am,
Thanks for taking a look. I am trying to cover martial arts as something that guides us through our life not just some part of it. I am open to your comments. The philosophy of Sensei Freedman is that every martial art has something to offer and that we should respect all styles. We need to hear the bad as well as the good about our styles if we want to grow and progress.

12/21/2009 4:37pm,
Welcome from not-so-frigid Alaska (today's temperature in Anchorage is almost above freezing).

You are lucky to find Arnis training, that was my first preference this summer when I was looking for a MA program but I couldn't find any programs. I will be relocating to the Philippines in several years so if I can't find anything stateside until then at least I will be able to train in that system after I move.

12/22/2009 10:21am,
I was never looking for Arnis. I just happened upon Sensei Freedman's dojo and started to learn Arnis there. Sensei Freedman studied under Guro Grande George Brewster who was an Arnis master. Also at the school is GuroPhil Duldulao, who began his study of Arnis as a child in the Philipines. Between the two of them you can get some of the best Arnis training in the country.