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12/06/2009 1:58pm,
Hello all. I just relo'd to Chicago from FL. I've been involved with Martial Arts on and off for 20 years but consider myself a beginner. I've trained in Hapkido, Kyokushin-Jitsu under Shihan Gassner in St Louis and S.C.A.R.S system in the Navy. I've been training on my own for last two years and need to get back into a Dojo so I can hit something that hits back. I like the Kyokushin style the best and am looking for a Dojo but I am open to other styles too. I'm more interested in the quality of the instruction than the particluar style. Thanks

12/07/2009 11:10am,
Welcome to Bullshido Keod1966!

Hope you find what you are looking for, or someone from Chicago could come around and propose something in your area, but don't hold your breath either.

Sorry about the olympic bid fail dude. Hope your city recovers.

After you are around here a bit, you might be eligable for the military tag, depends on some factors I don't get. There is an entire section for that - The Armory: Weapons, Military, LEO, and Self Defense Forum - No BS MMA and Martial Arts (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=65)

but as you are into Karate there is a traditional section as well... Traditional Martial Arts and Styles Forum - No BS MMA and Martial Arts (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=100)

It is hard getting back in, I just returned to Judo after migrating away from it in the 90's. Totally worth it. Best of luck to you.


12/10/2009 8:49am,
Welcome to Bullshido Keod....

Have you tried any other dominant stiking arts aside from Kyokushin?

12/10/2009 9:31am,
Welcome to the forum.

Sri Hanuman
12/10/2009 9:44am,
Welcome. Where in Chicago are you at?
I'm around the Great Lakes and NW suburbs area. I haven't seen any kyokushin schools around here, unfortunately, but we do have a few good MMA training gyms in the area.

12/12/2009 10:54pm,
just S.C.A.R.S. Its a hybrid that was developed by Jerry Peterson. Do you have any suggestions. So far, I have not found anything around here.

12/12/2009 10:56pm,
Do you have any recomendations.

12/12/2009 11:00pm,
Thanks KO'd. The hardest part for me is finding a decent dojo. There are just so many McDojo's out there catering to the masses. I understand that is where the money but....

12/12/2009 11:01pm,
I'm in Northbrook and there is really nothing around here.

12/12/2009 11:04pm,

12/13/2009 12:04am,
.... Kyokushin-Jitsu under Shihan Gassner in St Louis

First off welcome to bullshido!

Secondly, how was this kyokushin school quoted above? I live in the St. Louis area, and I am curious as to what the training is like there. Hard sparring like in the videos I have seen on youtube, or is more kata/light sparring oriented?



Sri Hanuman
12/13/2009 12:07am,

We have Team Curran, they're pretty kick ass.
The down side is that they're in Crystal Lake, and a real bitch to get to.

Muay Thai and BJJ wise, Chicago is well off.

1/10/2010 7:05pm,
Thanks for the info. I might end up going that route. I found one credible guy in N. Chicago. Who knows I might try something new.

1/10/2010 7:12pm,
It's not really a school because he does not charge money for other than rent on the dojo. It's not his day job anymore so he just trains who he wants to train. When I left he was in the process of moving it to his house so he keeps the groups small. He is a great instructor and perhaps one of the top practioners in the country. It's very kata light. More sparring and hard core conditioning like you see on you tube. He has a chriorpractic practice in the SL so you can probaly track him down that way. The class is mostly adults a couple of teens and women. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

1/10/2010 7:14pm,
Team Curran looks bad to the bone. I've been to CL a couple of times and its a rough trip, especially in winter. Thanks

1/11/2010 1:19pm,
Why not this place?


there is also this one:


I would check them both out, I'd go to one if I had the time, I barely can make 2x per week.