View Full Version : Looking for new martial arts home in Austin, Texas

12/03/2009 5:47pm,
I've been training for about a year and a half in krav maga and nei wai chai kung fu (yes, under larry sanders). So since that's fallen apart I'm looking for a realistic, intense, no bs, HARDCORE martial art location to call home. Thanks for any input.

12/03/2009 5:57pm,
What are your training goals? Self-defense, conditioning or other? Are you more interested in grappling or striking?

Where, approximately, are you located in Austin? North or South?

Full disclosure, I'm jnp. I'm one of the people that took a class at Mr. Sanders place and posted about my experience. We change our usernames around the holidays.

12/03/2009 6:17pm,
I'm interested in training self-defense while staying in great shape in the process. I'm also interested in training for competitions eventually. I'd say I'm more interested in striking, but I would prefer to train everything and be the most complete fighter possible. I'm located in South Austin.

12/03/2009 6:43pm,

This is Phil Cardella's place, he's a pro fighter, Relson Gracie Blackbelt, fought in the WEC. Good place highly competitive.

12/03/2009 6:54pm,
I'll be in town on the 16th for a full day of training. If you're interested, I'll go with you over the Phil's school to show you around and introduce you to the man.

Let me know.

12/03/2009 7:21pm,
For sure, sent you a pm.

12/04/2009 1:06am,
Do you go to UT by any chance?

12/04/2009 1:09am,
Oh, and if you want to train some completely nonrelevant to modern combat but still fully alive and systemitized weapons stuff, ARMA austin meets in Sunset park just a wee bit south of riverside, and is most importantly DIRT CHEAP(like $75 a year).

I realize this is almost completely unrelated to the OP, but I just started going again after a hiatus and I'm psyched to be swordfighting dudes.