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12/01/2009 5:12am,
Hi All,

I've heard that some Thai Boxers are learning Western Boxing to improve their hand skills. Could someone explain to me why this is and the differences are between Western boxing and Thai Boxing when it comes to punches?



12/01/2009 7:52am,
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but basically, boxers specialise with punches. thus, their punches are the best.
Muay Thai are more all rounders in the striking, this results in them not having as good punches.. by learning boxing they can improve their punching combinations/defence/power.

12/01/2009 8:08am,
But does Thai Boxing have the same range of punches as western boxing?

12/01/2009 8:18am,
yes they use all the same punches.. they just generally aren't as good at them, alot of MT gyms have a boxing coach, who will help them to tighten up their punch defence and refine their punching technique. apart from that Muay Thai punches and boxing punches are the same (although MT fighters often stand differently, which might slightly change the punch)

12/01/2009 8:22am,
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12/01/2009 8:24am,
Thanks MMAMickey