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11/28/2009 6:11am,
Gee, it sure would be awful if you quit your job and pissed a lot of people off to start a new career and then it turns out you suck.

YouTube- Death Warrior (Rampage Jackson Fight Scene) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOtymypJcK4)

You have to kill me for mah Boi!

Evil Solvalou
11/28/2009 6:50am,
And the atrocious actor was killed at the end of the scene. I love a happy ending.

11/28/2009 7:13am,
Whoever produced that crap needs to be shot in the head.

11/28/2009 7:14am,
did rampage actually bust out the aikido? (0:33)

11/28/2009 9:05am,
And the atrocious actor was killed at the end of the scene. I love a happy ending.

Wait, there was ACTING in that scene??

11/28/2009 9:35am,
You would think that even if his acting was shitty, his fighting would still be good. But, no. Fighting looked shitty too! Then again, Forest beat him with those same leg kicks.

Shitty aikido throw was the worst!!!!

Coach Josh
11/28/2009 10:04am,
tomoenage 4TW

11/28/2009 10:09am,
I for one will not jump on the "Rampage sucks now" bandwagon.

Of course he does suck now but i wont jump on it.

11/28/2009 10:47am,
Now we know the real reason why Rampage dropped out of the UFC. They had his boy. And they were going to kill him. Rampage had to get killed. For his boy.

R.I.P. Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson 1978 - 2009.

You were brave and you fought a good fight to save your boy. But the death warrior you were facing was obviously too much for you to handle.
After all, you were just a sport fighter, and wasn't trained to counter deadly strikes, such as the jumping split kick, and the punch-to-the-balls-while-dropped-down-in-split.

I hope we can all remember Quinton for his courage, and how he fought back till the very end. Or at least until the point where he gave up completely and begged to be killled. For his boy.

Let his death serve as a horrible reminder for all of us that sport fighting does not work in a deadly street fight to the death.

11/28/2009 11:05am,
And the atrocious actor was killed at the end of the scene. I love a happy ending.

LOL, I actually stopped watching it before one of them was killed and had to go back and finish it just to see which atrocious actor you were referring to.

11/28/2009 11:18am,
Holy **** that was bad.

11/28/2009 11:30am,
is that a spoof? seriously

shaolin pimp
11/28/2009 11:56am,
man the UFC has really gone down hill lol

Kid Miracleman
11/28/2009 11:58am,
Arriving Summer 2011...

Death Warrior: Episode II:
The Deathening

shaolin pimp
11/28/2009 12:15pm,
I hope he has some acting lessons in time for the A-TEAM!

11/28/2009 12:21pm,
See, this is what happens when DV cameras and video-editing software become too widely available.