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11/06/2002 6:32pm,
I am just curious if anyone knows of a school where they are quite successful, the owner lives quite comfortably and they haven't sold out?

Jeremy M. Talbott

11/06/2002 6:55pm,
Yeah I know a few and even they've compromised a little. If you went to this one instructors school and called him a McDojo, I gaurantee everybody in here would probably get there ass kicked.

Two guys walk into a bar....ouch that's gotta hurt.

11/06/2002 7:05pm,
> I gaurantee everybody in here would probably get there ass kicked.

Don't make gaurantees you can't keep!!! :P

Seriously I am in the same boat with Mike. I know of a couple of schools that stay true but to make it they have to bend a bit.

One think I must say I found in Germany is that MA handled through many Sportzplatz centers is the BOMB!!! You get a passport, similar to the one given in the Genbukan, and your training is recorded on it, weeks attended, tests, seminars, tourneys, etc. Though not foolproof it a great way to keep pple honest. Since many of the German instructors are very inflexible, ie you don't meet the criteria of the test you don't get promoted, it is hard to get over. But that is just on small circuit gorverned in the Pflaz.

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11/06/2002 7:08pm,
No, I pretty much can gaurantee it. I'll seriously place $200 on anybody that could go to this school and beat there top guy. Hell I could probably sell tickets and make that back.

Two guys walk into a bar....ouch that's gotta hurt.

11/06/2002 9:03pm,
Here in Vegas there is Master Toddy's Kick boxing. This guy has 2 schools and I've scene pictures of his classes, and lets just say "wow". Personaly, I'm not into kickboxing at all, but if I was I'd be going to one of his schools. He's well known out here, but stays out of the McDojo **** talking that all McDojo's seem to do here in vegas.

Other than that, all the good traditional schools in Vegas make enough to keep the school open and put a little extra side cash in the instructors pocket, so they all have day jobs.

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11/06/2002 10:02pm,
This goes back to the whole "commercial isn't bad" deal. The Gracie Academy is WAY commercial but they really havent sold out. Tiger Schulmann's Karate appears to be the stereotypical McDojo but its curriculum and instructors are excellent. With any school that gets big they are going to end up compromising a bit, just like Asia and Michael said.

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11/06/2002 10:51pm,
Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Lions Den, Beverly Hills Jiu-Jitsu, Team Punishment, Miletich Fighting Systems, Chris Brennan's camp (can't remember the name), Mick Doyle's in Omaha.

11/06/2002 11:11pm,
Chris Brennan's next generation fighting academy.

Two guys walk into a bar....ouch that's gotta hurt.

11/07/2002 1:04am,
Well the thing I notice after working for 2 years for the biggest McDojo is the distinct difference between two types of thought the seem the same.

1. "How much money is the school making?"
2. "How much money am I (the instructor) making?"

1. When a instructor/owner thinks this, he thinks of the school as a whole, not just the place he's leasing out, but aslo the students who are currenlty practicing, because lets face it, in the long run they are long time customers, so there is a level of integrity that always must be upheld. So in a "karma" like way, if the school is doing better the instructor is doing better.

2. Whoever is thinking this is extremely selfish and is willing to whore out themselves and their art to make a buck, any thought of maintaning a certain level of training quality is superficial enough so he can call himself a martial artist, but under the skin is just a cold blooded salesman and the martial arts is now just something they can sell you.

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11/07/2002 3:22am,
The best way to learn is private instruction .. except you will need to find ways to compete ..
but there are open nhb tournaments now so no problem.

Find a washed up Jedi Master that is a hermit because he killed a guy in his last tournament and feels bad about it ~ and offer to wax his car if he will train you.

Um .. no, seriously though some schools offer private lessons but they will charge you too much for it.

Train yourself when you get home from the dojo, that's my answer. Suppliment your dojo training by reading, buying videos, visiting other schools, researching anatomy, experimenting on your friends and partners .. you about have to do it yourself anymore if you want it done right. Just stay safe.

I am not saying to stop going to your McDojo. Go if you like it. Just think of it as more of a .. starting point. You took wood shop in high school and that's great but you've got to build a few tree houses when you get home if you want to learn anything. :P

11/07/2002 3:47am,
correct advice.

11/08/2002 9:11am,
I know a few schools that think they r legit but what it all boils down to is money anyways.

11/08/2002 11:54pm,
I've got another one. American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, CA.

11/09/2002 12:02am,
**** the AKA...lol...inside joke.

Two guys walk into a bar....ouch that's gotta hurt.