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2/06/2004 6:16pm,
Finally, have you ever used the "crane" technique from the Karate Kid, and would you recommend using it to anyone?

ELISA AU: No, I have never used that technique and I would not recommend using it. The whole movie is too Hollywood, but the soundtrack was good!

Au is 5 time US National Women's kumite champ and 2002 World WKf champ and Womens's World Cup 1st kumite and so forth...

2/06/2004 6:33pm,
Awesome interview.

2/06/2004 6:41pm,
aw... I thot it was kinda funny:(

guess I'll go hit the makiwara board in shame and regret...
or should I go buy some decent scotch and drown myself?

Deadpan Scientist
2/06/2004 7:31pm,
Cheap Scotch

2/06/2004 9:17pm,
how old is she? is she that cute girl who is in many commercials?

2/16/2004 12:05pm,
Her forms are great. And she's nice to look at when she's not competing :)

2/16/2004 2:30pm,
Originally posted by PizDoff
Awesome interview.

Well conceived and written, great research, what else would we want in an interview ;)