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2/06/2004 3:28am,
Found this posted on the UG:

From: Jeff Osborne
Date: 01/14/04 07:10 PM

Here's what we have.
The two year anniversary of the all women's event back in April 2002.

March 27, 2004 in Evansville, IN. I will do three women's bouts.

April 2004 in Belleville, IL 1-2 women's bouts.

I have openings for both so get in touch with me ASAP! Thanks, Jeff [email protected]

2/06/2004 4:51am,
Hey, Evansville is only like an hour away from where I am.

2/07/2004 2:27am,
Really where do you live. I live right outside of Evansville. Do you ever go to HOOKnSHOOTs?

2/07/2004 2:33am,
I went to some kind of MMA event in Evansville once; we were scouting for our professional wrestling organization. No luck with the scouting, but it was actually pretty good. I don't recall any female fighters though. They used to have some kind of pit fighting in Broomsage, near North Vernon, but I don't think it goes on any more.

2/07/2004 3:10am,
I live in Terre haute. I don't get to Evansville very often. I'd go to see a NHB tournament though.

2/07/2004 3:31am,
Let me tell you that I have been to several MMA events and HnS is the best that I have ever been too. Nog's twin has fought there. A lot of the ATT fights there. Man there are too many to name. They are having one coming up soon. It is great. The fighters come downon the floor and talk to you, and are so nice and outgoing. My husband has trained with a few that have gone on to make it. I really can't say enough. Jeff, the promoter really cares about his show. he really cares about what the fans want. He travels all around the world finding fighters and brings them back to fight. If you are interested. I will get you some more info. I am sorry, but I can barely keep my eyes open right now. Get back with me.

2/08/2004 1:21am,
Please let me know the details when you get the chance. I'd like to go. Thanks! :)

2/08/2004 2:43am,
Will do. I have been to several fights, and let me tell you that HnS is my fav. Let me do some research real quick and get back with you. They don't advertise that much, but thay have a great crowd.