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2/06/2004 2:41am,
So, does anyone know the name of this move...
You start from a scissor sweep position, move to take the back, but instead of throwing you shoot the leg over thier shoulder, grab thier cross lapel and roll to the side.
Tight ass choke, or arm bar, or triangle.
I think our old Judo guy called it a Hell Strangle...Fucking awesome name...but I think he was pulling our legs.

deus ex machina
2/06/2004 2:51am,
jigoku jime (hell strangle)

deus ex machina
2/06/2004 2:53am,

deus ex machina
2/06/2004 2:54am,

2/06/2004 2:47pm,
Except it doesn't come out like that. You have your legs in/or close to a triangle position.
Would that still be the same?
It is a fucking sick ass choke/arm bar/ possible triangle.
Tight as hell...most people are tapping before you really get it locked and the roll finished.

Beneath Contempt
2/06/2004 2:56pm,
The answer to this is on the judoinfo.com forum in the Learn Techniques section, under the thread title "Name this Technique ". They go into it in some fine technical detail.