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2/06/2004 12:07am,
i have been doing wing chun for a few months now. i orginally started because a friend of mine convinced me it was the way to go when i started expressing my losing interest in aikido for its lack of realism. anyway i was thinking wing chun was much better and decided to add bjj because i thought that the main weakness of wing chun was lack of grappling/groundwork. however, after two weeks in bjj i am beginning to think i am getting very littel out of wing chun. is this just a feeling i will get over or should i quit wing chun?

deus ex machina
2/06/2004 12:11am,
Hrm. How funny is that.

2/06/2004 12:12am,
We do wing chun in my JKD class...Since I gott teh Big shoulders, its hard for me to get that slouch like basic stance they do. I try to work with it but I like the Muay thai, W. Boxing and grappling more. I'm trying to get it and I've only been doing it a little while but I know what you mean.

2/06/2004 12:14am,
If you don't like it then don't do it.
I like it, so I continue to do it.
Simple as that, nobody's feelings will be hurt.

2/06/2004 12:22am,
i guess what i'm asking is does bjj own wing chun for real, or am i missing something because i'm a noob to both. or am i just opening a can of worms and should keep my mouth shut.....

deus ex machina
2/06/2004 12:29am,
If you can't see and feel the effectiveness, then it's not worth it.

Have you ever sparred against anyone full contact using your WC? It may or may not work. But you'll know if what you're learning is for real.

2/06/2004 12:30am,
Can of worms....although I'm not saying keep your mouth shut.

If you enjoy Wing Chun do it.
If you don't stop, and concentrate soley on BJJ for a while.
When you try and 'cross train' to much at once, you can end up average in everything.

2/06/2004 1:06am,
Agreed. I've always been of the belief that while cross training is good, you should only have one real focus at a time. If your interest is stronger with BJJ, then do it, because if you're focused elsewhere you'll be getting very little out of WC, even if the training is good.

2/06/2004 1:19am,
I agree with TaeBo_Master. If you've gotten what you can out of WC, move on.

2/06/2004 1:23am,
Wait, I just read you've only do WC for a few months, scratch what I just said.

Just do the one you like better, especially until you pick up more experience. Martial arts are like languages, once you pick up one, I find it gets progressively easier and beneficial to pick up the next, and the next, and the next.

2/06/2004 2:26am,
wing chun like any martial art takes time to come together. some styles just are more applicable earlier on. no one style has it all. a friend of mine had been grappling for 2-3 years. one night he was attacked by 3 guys. all he could do(and did) on the ground was get stomped on. learn both if you want to be prepared i would suggest.

2/06/2004 3:02am,
a few things you can do to rekindle the Wing Tsun/VIng Tzun/ Wing Chun flame:
1. start long lineage flame wars on 5 internet forums simultaneously
2. run an endless loop of the "Emin vs Senior Citizen" fight on every TV in your house for a few days
3. sing with me "everybody have fun tonight, everybody wing chun tonight"
4. Sticky hands on the dance floor with "Girls Gone Wild" chicks, nuff said
5. 3 forms not enough? invent your own 4th form by adding random movements from Wushu, copyright it and call it "Fing Zung"
6. Give yourself cool lofty titles like "grand daddy master K of the most highly savier of the spiritual supreme super happy fun si gong"
7. more time with the pole

2/06/2004 4:53am,
its kind of hard to say what "feels" better though. a lot of mcdojos make their money from specialising in **** that makes people "feel" like they can fight. basically, find someone to spar with, preferably someone who knows what they're doing, and try it out. although having done wing chun only for a couple of months, you should stick with it a bit longer than that before writing it off.

2/06/2004 5:44am,
It's okay. I lost patience with WT too. Although I finally found a trainer that I liked personally, it just wasn't for me.

I think they talk too much.

2/06/2004 5:56am,
**** Wing Chun. Stick with Bjj. Grappling is the way to go.

2/06/2004 6:00am,
Originally posted by Hannibal
**** Wing Chun. Stick with Bjj. Grappling is the way to go.


do what you think is right, but dont rush into anything or you may regret it!!!