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11/11/2009 4:14am,
Yes, I am french, I pratice taiji for years, especially Yang style and Chen style, and just a little Xingyi and Bagua. I am interested in the Chinese Martial arts, but also others like caporeira.


11/11/2009 7:43am,
Hello and welcome.

The title of your thread is full of win.

11/11/2009 9:58am,
bienvenue au bullshido!

there recently has been a European Throw down in Leuven, Belgique.
If you are interested in attending one in the future check out the European throwdown threads in the ' looking for trainingpartners and throw downs' subsections!

11/12/2009 4:23pm,
Salut Monsieur Fraud1234,

Taiji sounds like fun. Trust you find what you are looking for, capoeira is sure to provide you with hours of fun, but mix in some of the CMA for style and you should be on to something great.

See you on the threads. A la prochain...


Sri Hanuman
11/12/2009 4:25pm,
Bonjour, and welcome.

I always wanted to try Chen, but either had a hard time finding an instructor close enough to where I am, or being pressed for cash.

Have you ever tried Zhaobao?

Goju - Joe
11/12/2009 4:27pm,
No Savate near you?