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11/06/2002 4:48am,
To those of you who doubt my identity....I will welcome any of you to a mutual workout and sparring practice. I work out at Body Wise on Mondays and Wednesdays from about 7-8. I always where a Miami Hurricanes Baseball cap when I am lifting. If any of you have the balls, i.e. DanDavis or I Am Watching.....I would love to share some quality ring time with you, and of course the offer is still open for Blade's tournament. I am training, and I will be ready for any of you. Dan - you really need to put your money where your mouth is. Half of what you say on your posts isn't even true. You got everyone riled up by saying Casey Grillet and his girlfriend confronted you at the mall, that never happened. And meeting with I am watching? That never happened either. To tell you the truth, I think you and him are the dame guy! You blame everyone else, you should look in the mirror. I also would like to challenge any of you poser-loser-wannabe martial arts instructors in Sioux City. Meet me at Body-Wise, we will settle our differences. And to settle the record, I have respect for Anne D's school and Blades, anyone else in Sioux City is just pretty damn pathetic, i.e. Mike White, Wermes - Lai, Taekwondo Plus. Any takers?

11/08/2002 3:06am,
Please for the sake of all of us, will you guys just finish this thing so we can forget about it??? What's the name of this "SOAP OPERA"???


11/08/2002 3:09am,
"As the stomach churns"

Peedee and kungfools suck each others bitch tits.

11/08/2002 3:44am,
You are both pussies.......meow.

Two guys walk into a bar....ouch that's gotta hurt.

11/08/2002 4:12am,
mr. tkd 4th dan... i see u have no problem allowing ur ego to run ur life...

expect the unexpected.

just a sidenote... ur name isnt one bit intimadating... its actually unfortunate how insecure a person maybe; even on the internet.

fight when necessary.

11/08/2002 10:11am,
His name gives off that "Mc Black Belt" vibe and instills laughter over anything else.

I think it's obvious he is posturing and nothing will happen.

"If you have to ask, you'll never know
Funky mother fuckers will not be told to go."

TKD Boxer
11/08/2002 12:34pm,
I agree, fight when needed not when you don't like somebody and want to act all bad. Especially when alot of the forum is already laughing.

"Wrestlers need a lesson in submission, I'm the one to teach them." - Frank Shamrock

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11/08/2002 1:10pm,
get it on.
video it.
post it.

11/08/2002 3:21pm,
Yes, for the love of what ever you hold sacred...**** OR GET OFF THE POT! I think the drama has ran its course.

Jeremy M. Talbott

11/08/2002 3:30pm,
hell, I don't even know where sioux city is and I'm planning to head up there and beat the **** out of tdk4thdan's computer so I won't be tempted to read his posts again.

11/08/2002 6:58pm,
Okay **** brains, if I talk to a promoter friend of mine to pay you to get in the fucking ring. Would you do it. I mean sign the fucking contract, see about flying you out here to CA so that we can finally stop hearing you guys whine about who is who and so forth. If you are both fucking interested email me within 1 fucking week and I'll see what I can fucking do. Hell, I'm pretty sure everybody here would chip in $1 just to get you guys to shut the **** up.

I think that is I've used the "f" word more here than any other time in my life.....


Two guys walk into a bar....ouch that's gotta hurt.

11/08/2002 9:56pm,

Well said my friend. I also have a frequent flier pass I MIGHT be willing to donate.

11/08/2002 10:03pm,
I'll be there mike, you know, Dan, in the beginning, everyone liked you here, and were on your side, now it seems, everyone here doesnt give a **** about both of your ***** ass drama stories anymore, "I wear a miami hurricanes cap" mother fucker, you should have said that 2 montns ago, or however long its been.

I agree, my dad used to say that "****, or get off the pot!"

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11/08/2002 10:39pm,
I'll pitch in at least $20 to see these guys fight.

11/08/2002 10:54pm,
as of 1:50 pst....no reply

Two guys walk into a bar....ouch that's gotta hurt.

11/08/2002 11:41pm,
Mikey, you've got mail.