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11/06/2009 10:18pm,
Looking to learn more about martial arts from an actually knowledgeable forum. On other sites such as Youtube, everyone who discusses says they do MMA and other bullshit.

11/06/2009 10:36pm,
Just for the sake of clarity; what do you think is bullshit, MMA itself or the people on youtube who claim they do it?

11/07/2009 6:41am,
The comments left on youtube are certainly a point for the case against evolution.

I don't think you can learn alot about martial arts from a forum though apart from how much bullshit there is out there.

11/12/2009 5:29pm,
Hi BlazenGem,

You sure have your work cut out for you knowing BS from not. Even here BS sometimes has to be decoded....

However, the best way to identify counterfit money, is to really know the real thing, then there is no mistake.

Train in a good style, and the Youtube windbags will no longer get under your skin as you know in your core being - that most live a fantasy world of their own creation.

Have a great day,


(PS...You indicate you are in Vancouver - Soares. Just stop by this or one of the other sites, ask questions and sit in or watch a class if allowed)