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11/06/2009 8:03pm,
I think I have yet to introduce myself formally?

I'm a BJJ guy who's been training for a bit over 6 years now and I earned my purple approximately two years ago.

I'm also dabbling in judo, muay thai and MMA training and my goal is to get at least 1 amma fight under my belt next year.

Have done moderately well in competitions but at UHW the level is generally low anyway.

My martial art goals besides trying my hand at MMA before I get too old is to get a black belt in both judo and BJJ before I turn 40 in a bit over 8 years.

Knock on wood and such. :)

11/12/2009 5:04pm,
Hi 265lbsfist,

Welcome to Bullshido, and great to see you have set some goals for yourself there. Barring injury and other side tracks, you should make your goal.

A purple BJJ? You could ask for a tag - if you want one. Some people go for them. Any footage out there of you competing floating about? When your up to it - a link could generate some discussion.

Glad to have you aboard and know you have much to offer. Are you actually 265lbs? I've done Randori with big guys, but BJJ? No thanks - I like my air - In side- my lungs.

See you on the threads,


11/12/2009 6:10pm,
How do you get a tag?

Here's a HL from one of our tourneys. I'm the big purple belt in the blue gi.


And I walk around at 290. I need to cut to get down to HW. :)

I am a little bit injured now so I have to stay away from grappling but at least I can improve my thai and boxing. :)

11/14/2009 12:35pm,
How do you get a tag?

Here is the proceedure...BJJ Label - No BS MMA and Martial Arts (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?t=47221).

...but in order to PM (send a Personal Message to someone) I think you need to post 100 times. Take your time, ease into things.

Thanks for the link of the tournament...you are the guy with the beard right? The blue gi purple belt whipped by so fast I wasn't sure.

Anyway. If you haven't already found this forum yet ADCC Advanced Grappling Forum - No BS MMA and Martial Arts (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=56) this is where the advanced grappling discussion takes place. It is a SERIOUS place, but I find it interesting.