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Sri Hanuman
11/05/2009 4:43pm,

I was googling Rick Tew when I found this article on Bullshido on the Stanford journalism site.

I apologize in advance if this has already been posted.


IMO a fair overview.

Snake Plissken
11/05/2009 4:53pm,
I've never seen this before.
I am midway through this and it is full of win.
Brings back memories......

11/05/2009 4:56pm,
Looks like a fun read.


Snake Plissken
11/05/2009 5:00pm,
"....Bill Clinton is one of my fans....."


Sri Hanuman
11/05/2009 5:01pm,
What piqued my attention was the fact that the author interviewed Milton Wallace post Bullshido investigation. Interesting look at the aftermath of such investigations on the person in question.

11/05/2009 5:10pm,
I'm personally part of bullshido because I enjoy YMAS and I lurk on the basic and advanced grappling forums daily (and that LLL thread, you know the one). I don't usually follow MABS investigations etc, and thus don't really know a lot about this side of things, but that was a very good read.

I think it was a good article

11/05/2009 5:26pm,
I love Bullshido. This article is being framed.

11/05/2009 5:41pm,
I like the part where he states "I have an autographed book by Bill Clinton, signed to me"

My sister has one too. She got it for writing a letter to the president about the environment in the 9th grade

11/05/2009 6:13pm,
Good job on the part of Sam Browning, as usual.

Lu Tze
11/05/2009 6:55pm,
I'm famous! Be back in a tick, I must tell my mother!

Sri Hanuman
11/05/2009 7:03pm,
Phrost and Co, you are now officially CEO of awesome.

11/05/2009 7:24pm,
This is a fantastic article. Do we have it featured anywhere, particularly in non-PDF form?

11/05/2009 7:37pm,
I'm off to find the vid


No can find.

I found this ****:
YouTube- **** BULLSHIDO! LMAOhttp://z6.invisionfree.com/No_BS_Martial_Arts/index.php?sho (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SINw6gYF_mY)

vaquero de las nalgas
11/05/2009 8:40pm,
“We don’t pre-screen our comments,” says Samuel Browning, one of the site’s attorneys. “We don’t have an intelligence test for our comments.”

He's not kidding.

Sam Browning
11/05/2009 9:37pm,
Its an interesting article, I was interviewed for the article. The biggest factual disagreement I have, is that when he is referring to reviewed front page articles, I think he means articles that end up on our encyclopedia as approved articles. These often have a link to a front page article. Currently anyone can submit a front page article. Its the accompanying, reviewed, and locked investigative article on org which we would call an official investigation. If I didn't make this clear to Sean at the time, then I mispoke.

Secondly while Sean emphases the anonymity of the internet, some of us, like myself use my real name here. Finally Bullshido would never approve or support harassing someone who was the subject of an investigation.

11/05/2009 10:01pm,
What kind of kung fu master can’t beat off a mob of masked inquisitors?

Best. Line. EVER!