View Full Version : what wing chun lineage/where do you train?

2/05/2004 6:16pm,
please no "wing chun sucks" replies.

i'm just curious as to where and with whom the people on this board train wing chun. i've been training for 2 years in NC with a student of duncan leung(disciple of yip man). i'm not big into lineages as a source of guaranteed credibility, i'm just curious about who trains and where and for how long.

2/05/2004 6:19pm,
wing chun sucks.

2/05/2004 6:43pm,
How many did you sparr with? :D

WingChun Lawyer
2/05/2004 6:49pm,
Been doing Lee Shing wing chun in São Paulo, Brazil for one and a half year.

2/06/2004 3:15am,
Leung Ting Wing Tsun (also a direct pupil of Yip Man) in Germany. Haven't trained for 7 years b/c of an accident, just started again in August 03. Before that I'd done 3 years from 1994 to end of 1996...

2/06/2004 4:39am,
I suck Wing Chun!

much love
2/06/2004 11:35am,
5 years
started w/ Paul Gerald who studied w Richard Guerra for 2 years and got a certificate from Yip Chun, did it for 1 1/2 years
I trained another student of Richard Guerra's, Kieth Peavy for 6 months or so
then with Richard Guerra for 6 months or so
I had my 1st form polished by Louis Vasquez (Guerra, Ting, Emin), Paul Tse (Chung),
Ron Raistiano (Fong)
I trained with Millard Roper (Robert Chou)in Boulder for 6 months or so
And the best of all George Hernadez (Duncan Leung) for only a couple of months
I am through the first 3 empty hand sets and have some(not much) of the dummy

2/06/2004 6:50pm,
I've been training here in, Northern Ireland, for just under two years. I train with half a dozen different sifus who are students of Ting Kwok Wai (and occasionally with Master Ting). He is a student of Chu Shong Tin, who is one of Yip Man's 'disciples'.


2/06/2004 7:09pm,
When I learned WC, I learned from Stephen Frankel, who in turn learned from Terrace Yip, who in turn learned from Yip Chun. Theyre not related if thats what your thinking