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11/04/2009 10:02pm,
I'm doubling up on this post as the request is the main reason I stopped lurking and registered here. I've got about 3 years of Wing Chun, 3 years of Tai Chi, and about 1 year of Judo. Yes, we never sparred in my WC class.

I'm seriously hoping to get some advice about schools in the Sacramento area. I'd like to pick up a striking art that trains 'aliveness' and work my way up to full contact sparring, but my main goal is self-defense rather than competition. That includes boxing, MT, san shou, kyokushin, and more I guess but that's what springs to mind. Something like Krav Maga might be good too but I understand it's really hard to find reputable teachers? There's a pretty good BJJ school out here, I'm told, but that's not my thing right now.

Any advice you guys can give would be really appreciated -- schools to look into, schools to avoid, martial arts to consider that I haven't listed. I've already read the threads about finding a good school and avoiding TKD, especially ATA TKD.

Thanks, and it's cool to be here on Bullshido, I've already learned a lot from lurking the site.

7/20/2010 1:20am,
there is a Kyokushin school in elk grove. Called school of the tiger i believe. hope that helps.

Omega Supreme
7/20/2010 1:01pm,
A guy name Punisher here helps runs a school. I'd recommend him.

7/21/2010 10:49pm,
I thought my ears were burning...

Nomak, I can help you out. If my school isn't the place for you, I can help you find one that is.

School website is here: http://www.fiveanimalmartialarts.com/

Call or email me and we can set up a time for you to swing by.

8/10/2010 1:55am,
I just got back from a long vacation without computer, so please forgive my delayed response to this awesome thread necromancy. Punisher, I will be in touch with you, hopefully this week or next, to discuss.
Thanks for the heads up on this.