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2/05/2004 4:49pm,
instructor, promoted all these people in class, from blue to purple belt. usually don't get annoyed but today slight case of jealousy, don't know why.

I just ignored the whole thing because i know i can tool all of them, what irritated me, is how arrogant people get when they get promoted, so when sparring i got a little jealous and brought those idiots back too reality. class is over, I am walking out the door and the instructor, goes to me u should be a high purple, can't promote u because u do not go to class regulary and went on and on how speratic i am. Then i plea my case and tell him, i got more important things like my education and it keeps me super busy (nursing and pre med). Then he goes how bout the summer, u have missed the past 2 summers, I go i'm going to be taking summer classes like i did last summer and the summer before. I've been doing this for the past couple of years always the same crap i get from him.

I really don't think he understands, ohh well, i'll still keep training this is no longer jr. high where i had ton's of free time.


2/05/2004 4:58pm,
jiu jitsu

the instructor is from brazil,

2/05/2004 5:05pm,
yup first it was the competition crap, now i just get a talking every now and them from him.

ohh well, he's still i good guy i know where he's coming from, sort of like a father figure or something.


Deadpan Scientist
2/05/2004 5:08pm,
Don't worry about the rank. Skill is what matters, right J-lau? :)

2/05/2004 5:15pm,
As long as instructors are consistent....

Back in my tma days you'd always notice that the beautiful women got promoted faster. This was very funny (and good because it kept them coming back) but it was also dangerous. You had girls that thought they could defend themselves.... (That's my biggest beef w/ most tma's...the false sense of security)

Anyway, back on topic.... here's hoping you get the promotions you deserve, regardless of how often someone else trains.

(my old bjj instructor gave belts based on class matches...winner gets promoted and loser doesn't, period. A few people got hurt because they didn't wan't to tap and they knew their next opportunity was at least six months away)

2/05/2004 6:22pm,
#1Plumber, welcome to Bullshido! I love reading your posts, keep them up.

Back on subject, Genki, be the best blue belt in the world! On MMA.TV, there's a blue belt who beat two blacks in a no gi tourney.

BJJ belts are usually indication of skill, but as in all thing, it isn't the only thing.

Everything in life is priorities. You seem to have yours in good order. :)

2/05/2004 6:30pm,

Ditto what i think and situation im in.

2/05/2004 6:47pm,
Screw the belt man. If I had the choice, I'd always wear white belt. So long as you know how to fight, it doesn't matter what your rank is.

When you're on t3h str33t, the only thing your belt is good for is holding your pants up...or using to strangle the other guy ^_~

2/06/2004 7:33pm,
Ur wrong a about the blue belt, i have never been promoted always lectured.

its quite sad when the instructor is not their and a blue or purple belt or even a brownbelt has to ask me for advice since i have been their the longest.


Bri Thai
2/06/2004 7:49pm,
The whole concept of a "grading" is just a money making disgrace. If people want to give grades thats fine. There a good case to be put for them (but, of course, a good case against them too).

But why have this silly grading exam? An instructor who knows his pupils can tell who is worth what. Why not just call the guy up at the end of the class and give him the next coloured belt when you think he's worth it?

2/06/2004 8:07pm,
Yah, i totally agree with Emevas.
Funny enough i have been saying the same with only wearing a white belt. Why? Purely because it eliminates the ego that can come with a black belt.White belt resembles that you are just starting and learning alot in MA. Alot of people seem to think that as soon they hit black belt that they have mastered the art.HA. Its when you hit black belt is when the training sort of really begins ( 5th dan in Ninjutsu). I like too wear a white belt because, i will always be reminded iam always learning, even from 'low ranking' people, there will be always somethihng new, there is always someone whos goingn to be better than me.

hehe also, when cross training people think your easy bait, gives them overconfidence and then you just fucking drill them! :)

2/06/2004 9:15pm,
Originally posted by #1plumber
(my old bjj instructor gave belts based on class matches...winner gets promoted and loser doesn't, period. A few people got hurt because they didn't wan't to tap and they knew their next opportunity was at least six months away)

thats the funniest JJ fact i've ever heard.

2/06/2004 9:42pm,
We do not have tests in our school. Rank is handed out based on your total class performance. Sometimes Sifu will drop a hit that something might count towards your test to get more out of you. But other then that he gives out rank when he feels you deserve it.

2/06/2004 10:10pm,
Originally posted by Anthony
#1Plumber, welcome to Bullshido! I love reading your posts, keep them up.

I never got a welcome to bullshido :( All i ever got was a "whos that deluxe guy?"


2/06/2004 11:27pm,
Don't be disheartened. **** the belt,who cares? A colour of someones belt is by no means an indication of how well they fight.So much ignorance in the martial arts that if someones a black belt then they must be good...<ha> yeah right. As long as you've got it wear it counts it dosen't matter what belt you wear. If you can kick everyones elses arse within your dojo fellow students will know who is the most capable fighter.

2/06/2004 11:54pm,
In my not so humble opinion, belts and ranks are a nearly complete load of ****. Their intention of rewarding accomplishment and lending order and structure to a group of martial artists is totally overshadowed by the fact that there is almost never a truly objective means of evaluating and rewarding rank.

I show up to train and improve my skills, strength, and abilities. For me, it's got nothing to do with rank.