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11/02/2009 11:11pm,

I'm new to this forum however I have been to a couple of throw downs. I used to do BJJ now I practice Sambo/ Jiu Jitsu. WUSSSSS UUP???


Omega Supreme
11/03/2009 1:39am,
........will have to kill this one.

Rene "Zendokan" Gysenbergs
11/03/2009 2:47am,
Welcome Bunnyfu,

Just a small question:
Is it a free Bullshido account if you sign up at Omega's school or is it a free sign up if you become a Bully?

...you will do great here, there's a lot of info on the site and we play nice.

*By the way: change your stylefield from Jui Jitsu to Jiu Jitsu.*

11/03/2009 5:05am,
Heya, welcome aboard.

Omega Supreme
11/03/2009 12:38pm,
She's dislecksick. She has now idear hows to spel.

11/03/2009 1:25pm,
Ooops, I blame that one on Coffee fan :)

Oh BTW Zendokan, everything is free for me ;) and I will update Coffee fan's spelling lol!!! Thanks for the heads up.

I love you coffee face!

Rene "Zendokan" Gysenbergs
11/03/2009 2:50pm,
Welcome aboard Bunnyfu and it's nice that Omega is showing his students the way to Bullshido.NET.

I also like the ratio men/women that are coming from his school to here, because frankly there aren't enough womens views on some of the topics that are discussed here.

So for CoffeeFan and dethklok there are now animlmthr, Bunnyfu, Mistress Molly, That shy girl and Sirc as counterweight.

I only warned you to chance your style field (what you did btw), because of a previous Omega student's misspelling/combining what led to a sh*tfest here.

So have fun,

11/03/2009 3:50pm,
Sh_tfest bad, and I agree Sirc does have a lot of good feminine views hahaha! Love you Sirc :) Once I get more free time I will be sure to contribute to the non Sh_tfest threads. Thank you all for the warm welcome.


11/03/2009 6:10pm,
That's my wife BTW. I grappled her on our first date:love10:

Rene "Zendokan" Gysenbergs
11/03/2009 6:27pm,
That's my wife BTW. I grappled her on our first date:love10:

I knew that from her first post. (ex-Bjj, now SAMBO/ Jiu Jitsu was a give away).

animlmthr & dethklok
Bunnyfu & you

I'm starting to think that Omega owns a Las Vegas Wedding Chapel instead of a Martial Arts Dojo.

11/03/2009 6:56pm,
Those who grapple together stay together.

11/03/2009 8:00pm,
Those who grapple together stay together.

Or break each others arms

11/03/2009 8:03pm,
Or break each others arms


11/03/2009 11:13pm,
this is getting ridiculous...

11/03/2009 11:17pm,
welcome, uhh, err...bunny...fu?

bunnyfu? please elaborate on the origin of your call name; I am most curious.

Omega Supreme
11/04/2009 1:46am,
She stole it from me.