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11/02/2009 10:13pm,
i am always curious where different people train and what they think about it?

Be honest though.....don't just say....."oh we have the best place ever, its super friendly, there are no egos":eatbaby:

11/03/2009 12:11am,
i am always curious where different people train and what they think about it?

Be honest though.....don't just say....."oh we have the best place ever, its super friendly, there are no egos":eatbaby:

i go once a week to a judo class at my school that's taught by the teacher of a local gym. then 2 other nights a week i go to the gym also for judo.

our coach is a pretty awesome guy.. he's in his early 60's and definitely knows his ****. but he's also really nice and never yells or gets upset if you dont do something right the first time.. or second... or third.. ect. lol

most of the people i've met are pretty nice, we're a relatively small group, but that just means we get more one on one time with the coach :)

other than that, i go to the gym a few days a week and typically warm up with a 3 mile run, do a core workout, lift, and then stretch everything out when i'm done. sometimes i'll mix it up a bit by riding an exercise bike with some resistance or use a rowing machine. hopefully i'll have some funds saved up soon for a weighted vest :)

11/03/2009 12:39am,
3 days a week at Megalodon MMA, we share space with a TKD school, but it's a nice facility. The school is relatively new so the membership is small right now but growing. I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and more grappling competition focused attitude compared to Hardcore Gym where I used to train. HCG is a better gym for MMA, but the guys there don't really like or care about stuff like NAGA, which is the whole reason I train. So Megalodon is a better fit for me. Both places are badass though.

11/03/2009 1:13am,
I train at a small gym doing Kajukenbo. It does have a half cage and bags. Page 8/9 on http://issuu.com/cachemagazine/docs/0724z It's not as hard on the body as BJJ/MMA and frankly is too easy compared to real sweaty workouts in Hawaiian Kempo and Karate, but since I'm fat and injured and ancient, I can't keep up anyway. And I do get to hit people!

11/04/2009 1:36pm,
I train at Red Dawn Combat Club, this is their site:http://www.reddawnbjj.com

Also a small club that shares space with another school, actually rents from the other school. Nice eclectic group of guys. The instructor has a good Judo and Sambo background, so we cover Throws and Takedowns extensively.:happy3:

11/04/2009 2:04pm,
I am cot currently training. Most of the students compete either grappling (NAGA or similar) or fight MMA.


11/04/2009 2:22pm,
I go to Valhalla in Santa Barbara. I am currently going to 7 to 8 classes a weak.

Mon: 1:00pm-2:30pm and 5:30pm-6:30pm
Tue: 10:00am-11:00am
Wed: 1:00pm-2:30pm and 5:30pm-6:30pm
Thur: 10:00am-11:00am
And there is a Compitition SAMBO/JiuJitsu class on Sat from 12:00pm-1:00pm

I will be starting to attend the Sat class to further my grappling skills.

There are many more classes, but these are the ones I attend to.

Between my wife and I, we pay $150.00 a month and can attend as many classes as we like. I am currently unemployed so I have the flexibility to attend many classes. It is by far the best deal I, or my wife have come across. Not to mention the training is top notch. I train under Omega and CoffeeFan. They are great instructors. It is by far the best decision I have made in a long time to start training.

11/04/2009 5:39pm,
I train at Extreme Kung Fu, which offers San Shou, Wushu, Boxing, Yoga, Tai Chi, Muay Thai, MMA, No-Gi BJJ, and Conditioning classes.

It's a really great gym that offers a boxing ring, a carpeted wushu floor, an elevated mat, workout area, et cetera. Nearly all the teachers have had experience in MMA competitions and/or Wushu competitions at high levels (Professionally, Nationally, Internationally). The gym frequently has guest teachers that come and teach as well.

The gym also hosts classes for Bujinkan and Escrima, both of which are run by outside organizations that just rent space.

All classes for a month excluding Tai Chi, Bujinkan, and Escrima are $125 dollars.


11/04/2009 9:15pm,
I train at Marcelo Garcias school that he just opened in NY.
Just started, everyone is really cool and helpful. Marcelo couldnt be a nicer guy and he teaches every class and Marcos Santos is also their sometimes assisting. Very fun, workouts are intense but you are encouraged to go at your own pace. Classes start with a good warm up, then you are taught a few moves then class ends with 25 minutes or so of rolling.
School is brand new, not nearly as big as Renzos but a really good size for a Manhattan school.

11/05/2009 1:32am,
I train at Vamos BJJ on Long Island. Honestly a great school, taught by the Vamos brothers who are both brown belts.

It's very relaxed, they have lots of classes and most importantly they focus alot on rolling. There is a beginner class that focuses on drilling a bit more but most classes are just tons of mat time which I like. Plus they also have open mat at the end of the sessions where you can roll even more :) The hardest part about JiuJitsu and what makes it so effective is having to be able to pull the move off on a resisting opponent and thats why I like the large amount of time spent rolling.

Omega Supreme
11/05/2009 1:47am,
I train in your momma's bed.

11/05/2009 1:52am,
I train in your momma's bed.

Don't let him do it!!! My mom still walks funny...

11/05/2009 11:08am,
I train out at the Minnesota Top Team gym http://minnesotatopteam.com/ in Eagan (just south of St. Paul). We recently expanded into the space next door so now we have a dedicated grappling space, a striking area for muay thai and boxing (with heavy bags, a ring, and floor space etc), and a weight room. I know they also run strength and conditioning programs since the owner has trained a number of pro hockey players.

I personally train in BJJ and my coach is a 2nd dan Judo black belt so we also cover some throws and other judo techniques. I'm a big fan of the emphasis on no b.s. technique and skill over brute force and being a meathead. I'm also happy to have found a gym where everyone from the instructor down is actually interested in sharing their knowledge and not just beating the crap out of the new guy (i.e. me).

We have a fight team, some of whom compete in both MMA and muay thai both locally and around the country (going to Arkansas for muay thai this weekend if I'm not mistaken). There are also a number of our guys who compete in local BJJ/Sub wrestling tournaments, as well as people who don't compete but still train regularly.

11/05/2009 6:02pm,
Sityodtong LA Baby!!

11/05/2009 6:14pm,
On a rickety boat, on the rough waters of the Atlantic, in a thunderstorm at night, with heavy but vaguely Asian-sounding guitar rock blasting in the background.

YouTube- Dynasty Warriors 4 OST- Lubu's Theme (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CdJY0X63wM)

But yeah, at one of the local boxing gyms, and the only local Judo club. Both are extremely competition based and gritty as ****. I enjoy.