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10/26/2009 9:07pm,
First thing I want to say is this truly does taste like piss, not in the its terrible, eww, but in the, WTF is this piss? Kind of way. Luckly the piss is quick to leave your month. The energy is great, drank it at about 11 Am and felt it till about 6:30 Pm. I spent most of that time energize, and was almost tweeking around three. I went to BJJ and had a decent amount of enrgy, did about half an hour of kettle ball work and some rather high intensity sparring and then went home, on my way home I thought "I think I'm gonna use an ERG machine now, so I went and used one, I got a good racing time, on maybe the tenth time I've ever used one and the six time I've ever done a two K. I then went home and slowly lost my tweektastic bliss.

Now I'm sitting here it 9 PM and I'm getting a slight head ache. So its a little crashy, but mainly the tweekings the problem.

7/14/2010 11:59am,
Not the most scientific review....add ratings?

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