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2/05/2004 7:25am,
Tired of everyone saying how great he was when none of you even really met or trained with him.

I guess this backlash came about because i got in a arguement with alot of people saying bruce lee would kick my ass, which i disagree.

Its possible he might be able to beat me in a k-1 match, But theres almost no way he could beat me one on one street fight. Gene Lebell took down bruce lee and it was described as being to easy. I also believe i can take bruce lee down without trouble, i have enough stand up skills to hold my own *at least long enough to clinch* Not to mention the size advantge i have on him. Also he wasnt around when the UFC was started and has almost little idea about the ground game outside of what little judo he learned from Gene Lebel.

He would probley do alot better vs me in striking if i was his size, i believe people have seen so many of his movies that they have cult idealized him like a god. People talk about how his one inch punch knocks back people, well i have seen the 1 inch punch video and he pretty much pushed him and it wouldnt be considered a punch in my book the guy wasnt even bracing he was standing with his feet together, a little kid could have pushed that clown over. Anyhow just my 2 cents, not really trying to bash bruce lee just tired of hearing how great he was from people that have seen 1 of his movies. :eek:

WingChun Lawyer
2/05/2004 7:27am,
Certainly overrated as an actor.

2/05/2004 7:32am,
Not taking away from the fact that he was one of the piners of Crosstraining or his style.

2/05/2004 7:52am,
I still say he was one of the greatest martial artists ever.

Beneath Contempt
2/05/2004 8:03am,
I find it impossible not to agree with some of what JKid says. I think Bruce Lee has created ten times as many bullshitter fanboys as he has martial artists. His films all sucked.

I'm sure his ideas were excellent, and I'm sure he was really good at what he did. But you can't say he is amazing because he popularised things. What does that make him then? The Britney Spears of martial arts?

2/05/2004 9:10am,
He should have won an Oscar, Hollywood was intimidated by such great acting from an oriental.
His performance in Return of the Dragon was comprable to DeNiro in Ragging bull.
His confrontation with Mr.Han in Enter the Dragon, the dialogue, should be taught to acting students around the world.
His use of disguises in The Chinese Connection makes anf performance pale in comparison !!
DeNiro, Pacino, HAH , I say HA !!!!!
Long live BRUCE LEE !!!!!!

Beneath Contempt
2/05/2004 9:24am,
All the acting in Enter the Dragon was memorable. John Saxon deserves special praise.

2/05/2004 9:28am,
Ah, and the ever-expressionistic Bob Wall, every bit worthy of his name...

2/05/2004 9:30am,
Bob Wall was the Dustin Hoffman of the Martial Arts.

2/05/2004 9:49am,
You mean he'd dead ???????
Does the wastrel know ???

2/05/2004 9:51am,
Of course he isn't dead... He's been training with Elvis all this time, & they're making a comeback soon.

2/05/2004 9:52am,
"A little less converstaion, a little more action..."

The Wastrel
2/05/2004 9:52am,
As much as J-Kid's little rant is actually almost painful to read, I sincerely doubt that Bruce Lee is in any danger of being woken from eternal slumber by forum postings. Worst-case scenario is that someone is inspired to dig him up and take him to J-Kids home for a little test.

What do you think? J-Kid vs. Bruce Lee's dessicated corpse appearing in the kitchen window while J-Kid is mixing up some Nestle Quik?

I vote Bruce Lee by chocolate milk asphyxiation.

2/05/2004 9:59am,
By the way, Bruce did get his ass handed to him by LeBell.
His response:
No excuses and started to train grappling with LeBell.

The Wastrel
2/05/2004 9:59am,
Speed=Editing. Does anyone know how responsible his family was for the fiasco that was Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story?

I'm just wondering because well, almost everything about how good he was comes from them. You want to talk about RIP? How about burying the cash cow?

2/05/2004 10:02am,
It seems that Linda Lee endorsed it.
Brandon was NOT to happy about it.
As for his Students, Dan came out and said it was farse.