11/05/2002 9:40pm,
what do you think about instructors neding to be certified to teach. do you think there should be tougher standards or lowered standards?

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Grand Master H.U. Lee

11/05/2002 11:05pm,
The biggest problem is WHO is doing the certification. Is a certification from their school enough? Does the state get in on it. Who will judge then, other MA ists? And if so, how do you combat style bais from, lets say, an all kempo panal? How also do you combat decisions based on territory that would stifle free enterprise? Or should certification be based on criteria not based strickly on MA alone? For example, criminal checks and background checks. This has been a hot bed issue in mant states. Even when this was attempted the above almost always occured.

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11/06/2002 5:03am,
I don't know about instructor certification, but requiring a registry of martial arts schools might be a good idea. Probably wouldn't infringe on anyone's freedoms too much, but there'd be a lot of gray area to flesh out.

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11/06/2002 8:38am,
What do they mean, anyway?

I hear you can get an instructor certification from Tew-Ryu Ninjutsu if you go with them, and we know what they're like...

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11/06/2002 8:52am,
An instructor requirement law was considered for New Jersy(Which I signed petitions AGAINST). It was really writen up by people with no experience in martial arts. One of the requirements was a High School deploma wich really has no merit on teaching Martial Arts. Some of the most respected and successful teachers, like Rob Collasanti, do not have deplomas. Some people got into the arts BECAUSE they had nowhere else to go and found a HOME in the arts and excelled at them. Theres no reason these people should be judged on mathmatics and history in order to teach someone how to punch and kick.

I really thing there SHOULD be standards but we have to come up with realistic ones that can be accepted by everyone involved.

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11/06/2002 3:36pm,
I feel there should be some minimal requirements for any commercial school to open. For instance criminal background checks, also they should be annually certified in CPR. Perhaps they should require that you at least be certified by an accredited organization. However, I believe that can get tricky in its own right.

Martial arts is very hard to regulate or certify because of all the variations out there.

Jeremy M. Talbott

11/06/2002 3:49pm,
Okay, how about this...

A guy who has trained formally in 3 different styles for 20 years, but has never been "Certified" as a black belt. Maybe he is just really shitty at what he does. Maybe the teacher retired. Maybe he couldn't afford to pay the exorbant sums required for said certification.

What about him? Say he isn't shitty at the chosen style(s). Should he just open a school anyway? Or should he not be allowed to do so until someone (probably with less training time) signs a paper saying that he IS allowed to do so?

11/06/2002 6:39pm,
I see where you are coming from aiki. It is a hard call. Hell, I haven't tested in 14 years since my first black belt. So does this mean I can just pick up a 3rd or 4th dan? I mean technically that is what I would be.

However, if he has the stuff that it takes, then he can easily get the $5.00 black belt from Century and just go at it and hopefully no one cares. :)

Jeremy M. Talbott